The Body Shop 40% Off EVERYTHING Code

Hello Dearies!

Quick one for you today, just caught my attention that The Body Shop is having a great 40% off code going on right now so if you’ve been eyeing something now’s the time to get it!


I hate to be an enabler so here’s a few guidelines to ensure this sale doesn’t actually make you lose money in the end: get stuff you were intending/need to get anyway! (ie stock up on favourites you’d repurchase, buy a product you’ve been eyeing for ages waiting for an offer, get a product to replace something you’re about to run out of, say a cleanser if you’re running out).

Since Mother’s Day is round the corner, this is also a great time to grab some The Body Shop stuff for mum if she’s a fan 😉 Mine is so I’m picking up what I know are her favourites (body butters are her absolutely LOVES).

The code does exclude a few products (booo) like the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate, Colour Crush Nails, etc etc check out the full list of exclusions here before you go shopping to avoid disappointment.

The sale ends in 48 hours at 11am on the 12th of March so you still have a good part of 2 days to ponder over your shopping basket, enjoy!




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