New Year’s Eve Nails!

Hello lovelies!! Apologies for the radio silence, it’s been a whirlwind Christmas season for me what with wrapping up a few project in November and then making a last minute trip to Singapore over Christmas and then Hongkong for New Year’s Eve (that’s where I am now!). Will try to catch a picture of the fireworks over Kowloon bay for you, hopefully it be slightly better tnhan the terrible pictures of the San Francisco Bay fireworks from last year’s New Year’s Eve! Perhaps I should make this a thing… A picture of fireworks in a different city at the start of every year haha.image Quick and simple nail post for you now! Ages ago I received a beautiful nail polish in a giveaway box from the lovely Vicki of Vicki’s Beauty (she has a great YouTube channel too fyi!) and I’ve finally used it today. It’s perfect for a night where you want tons of oomph and sparkle, it’s Essie’s Beyond Cosy and it’s the most sparkle-packed polish I’ve ever seen!
I applied this over a dark red sparkly shade (Essie’s Toggle to the Top which I received in the latest BBB beauty box), Toggle to the Top is absolutely colour packed but Beyond Cosy managed to completely cover it in just ONE COAT O_O. It’s one of those sparkly polishes with a rough, sandy texture so you’ll need a top coat if you like smooth finished but otherwise just this alone dries pretty quickly. I’m all ready for the count down to 2015! If you’re still stuck for a nail colour to wear tonight, can’t recommend Beyond Cosy enough (first world problems much, lol). Fragrance Direct does Essie for ¬£2.50 each which is a mega steal although the shade selection is limited (I did a mini haul recently, will try to blog it soon!). Xx Penny


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