LAST Boots Special Christmas Event for 2014

Hello Lovelies!

Again, it’s been awhile just my last post but thankfully not ages… did you all manage to snag a BBB Dream Box 2? I just managed to grab one and it arrived on Monday *excites!*.

But today I’m here to blog about the Boots Special Points Events, if you’re a regular reader you’ll be familiar with this concept already… basically Boots regularly holds amazing events where you get special number of advantage card points for a minimum spend threshold. Usually you get 4 points per £1 spent and each point translates to a penny, so technically it’s kind of like a 4% discount on everything you buy. Well, for this upcoming event which is tomorrow in-store, you get £12 worth of points for every £50 you spend! That’s almost a 25% discount!!!

Boots are famous for their special points events in the Summer and in the run-up to Christmas, however this is their very last one for this year. How do I know this? Well, you get updates on their points events and such if you download the Boots Advantage Card app (seriously, that’s one good app!).

This promotion is available online (but the minimum threshold for online is £75 so it’s not as good a deal) or in-store. It’s not available in every store however so do watch out, there’s a simple page you can head to to check which store it’s available at:

Right here on the Boots website page for in-store points events! The in-store promotion is for Thursday the 27th ONLY while the online promotion starts from today and ends tomorrow.

Now I hate to be an enabler but let’s face it, you can probably get most of your presents from Boots if you’re savvy! They sell everything from electricals to perfume to beauty to skincare etc etc etc. Probably something for everyone? So if you’re already planning to get the bulk of your Christmas shopping done at Boots, do it tomorrow and snag yourself a cool £12 worth of points in the meantime, something to treat yourself with over Christmas 😉



Anyone else got a BBB BB before?

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