Bargain Alert – The BBB Dream Box 2

Hello Everyone!

I know it’s been absolutely ages, I’ve been totally swamped with work the last 2 to 3 months (which including producing a couple of productions/films and a whole festival) which is finally winding down a little now. I’m definitely looking forward to a couple of holidays planned over the Christmas period before busy times kick off again in January.

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There weren’t many great deals in the first half of summer to be honest but perhaps I had been too busy to properly keep an eye on things! I’ve seen some great bargains and freebies around lately though which have made me itch a little to blog again, but thanks to the procrastination bug and a truck-ton of guilt thrown in I couldn’t really bring myself to update this blog (crazy right?) until I saw a bargain that I’ve been waiting months for and that is just too good not to share – the BritishBeautyBlogger Dream Box 2!

So, some of you might already be familiar with Jane Cunningham’s, the British Beauty Blogger, beauty boxes. It started about a year or year and a half ago now (eep time flies) and she does 2 boxes a year. This is her fourth box in total and second one with Latest in Beauty. If you’re not familiar with them and how bargainous they are, read more about the first dream box (and 3rd BBB BB) here  and the BBB BB 2 here. You really get a range of products stuffed in that rivals absolutely any other beauty box out there on the market. For example, this current one will cost £21.95 (including delivery!) but is worth £129! Now I don’t always believe these valuations but just have a look at the list of items yourself and you can pretty much see it’s worth it, the value of the Liz Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant itself is already £20.

What I really love about them, besides the great value you’re getting, is that it’s a chance to sample some of the best beauty and makeup products currently available, everything is chosen by the BBB based on what’s really exciting out there right now and she gets so much stuff to review you can bet there isn’t a single bum product in her box. For every single box she’s released (I sadly missed out on buying the very first one, they sell out fast) I’ve always had my eye on a number of products in the box already, so getting the box always meant a discount on what I’d already wanted to buy plus a few products I’m more than happy to sample!

With Christmas coming up, this would also make a terrific, jam-packed gift for any beauty or skincare junkie! Also, if there’s a few products in there you’re not so keen on yourself, just re-gift them and share the love, I know I probably will be 😉

Consider this post a friendly alert on a great bargain, for a full and very detailed list of everything in the box head over to the post on the BBB website here. Also check out her site for a link to buying the box when it goes live.

This box goes on sale on Monday at 12 Noon, they always always go FAST so you’re at all interested make your mind up beforehand and be ready to click ‘BUY’ at noon, no dithering or waiting till you get back from work etc etc, it will go.

If you do get it, let me know what you think 😉



Anyone else got a BBB BB before?

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