Free Sample of Escada Joyful Perfume

Good Morning!

Another perfume freebie for you today, hope you’re not bored of plain ol’ free perfume yet >_< It isn’t as if perfume is the cheapest per ml product out there, I wonder why it’s the most common freebie? Anyway, today we have a free sample of one of Escada’s new perfumes, Joyful.

That’s definitely a very joyful promo image I must say! I think I like it already, I mean there’s a pretty pastel carousel on it, what’s not to like? It’s meant ‘for women who approach life with positivity, spontaneity and confidence; who seize all of life’s opportunities and embody joie de vivre’ and it’s also meant to be inspired by the cheeriness you feel when receiving a bouquet of flowers (assuming you don’t suffer from hayfever) and it certainly does seem to be promoting that image well.

As for how it smells, there’s heartnotes of fresh pink peony, surrounded by white florals of magnolia and the base notes have hints of juicy blackcurrant sorbet and warm honeycomb. Definitely very sweet and floral, more floral than fruity I’d say. Well words can only take you so far, luckily they’re giving out free samples of this as well 😉

Get your free sample here, click on ‘Get Free Sample’ and then fill in the little form, your freebie should be with you in 2 to 3 weeks.



Anyone else feel like riding a carousel now?

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