Some Sales Ending Today – Dorothy Perkins and Kiko Milano

Happy Weekend Lovelies!

Seems another summer has flown by, come Monday it’ll be September the first which is officially Autumn I’d say. While I don’t actually like the heat (hate it, to be honest!) I do really love the longer days and I always miss it when the days start getting shorter again *le sigh*. The one good thing about summer leaving though is the end of summer sales (now also officially winding down!) and amazing Autumn lines coming out, I probably love Autumn clothes over anything else!

First up, we have Dorothy Perkins’ Final Clearance, ending midnight today.

Final Clearances are always a bit of a hit and miss with me, on the one hand sometimes things are left there for a reason, and also it’s nigh impossible to find your size and it’s always about whether you’re lucky enough to have the item you want in the size you need it to be. But on the flip side, you get amazing discount perks, such as the extra 15% off that DP are adding to everything in their final clearance, which is amazing! If you fancy your chances at finding a steal, have a rummage through their sale here.

If makeup and skincare are more your thing (as opposed to fashion), then one of my favourite stores Kiko Milano are having a great sale on where they have discount codes for a blanket 20% off a category of your choosing. They’ve had this before and I got 20% off a whole basket full of makeup products once, I can thoroughly recommend their Makeup Fixing Spray! Also their brush cleanser and nail polish, all good. Wasn’t sold on their eye pencils though, just fyi.

Choose your 20% off:

Their skincare has also garnered some rave reviews online and I’m seriously tempted to get a serum or facemask from them, except I’ve got a haul on its way from Superdrug (thanks to that Bank Holiday weekend points offer and also that sale from B. Skincare) so I just know I can’t justify another skincare purchase just now! Next time, Penny, next time…

Check out more details on the Kiko sale here, the codes are CHOICE20MU for Makeup, CHOICE20SK for Skincare and CHOICE20AC for Accessories. You can only apply one to your basket so choose the products you’ve got the most of, or alternatively split your basket into two purchases but be aware that delivery costs £5.90 unless you spend over £49 or you’re a new subscriber to their newsletter (subscribe just before you order!). This sale ends Today as well.

Enjoy the weekend shopping 😉



Think you’ll be purchasing anything this weekend?

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