Free L’Oreal True Match Foundation Sample

Hello Lovelies!

Another great freebie for y’all to make today a happy Friday =) And that’s a great freebie from L’Oreal, a free sample of their famous True Match Foundation!

I must confess, I’ve never tried it before, but I’ve long wanted to. The only thing stopping me is that I refuse to buy new foundations until I’m totally out of my old one (unless I need it for different purposes, ie one for light coverage and one for high coverage) but I haven’t even been using foundations much recently, just concealer.

One thing I love is that there’s a good 21 shades of this foundation, the darker shades don’t go quite as dark as to cover every dark skintone imaginable but I know it’s long been a problem that drugstore foundations/concealers just don’t have a wide enough range of colours and tend to only cover lighter skintones, a bit unfair if you ask me! So good one you L’Oreal for having 21 shades…

It’s very easy to get your sample, and guess what, you’ll even be sure that you can get the right sample for your skintone because you get to do a little online consultation first. Just click through to their True Match page right here and then click on the ‘Being Consultation’ button in the section that says ‘Diagnostic’. All you need to do is answer 6 simple questions about your hair/eye colour, skin undertones etc and they’ll match you up with a shade and a sample will be winging its way to your PO box!

I have to say I love freebies like these, no hassle, just typing into a little box on the internet and magically something shows up on your doorstep! I’m really pleased to be able to try the True Match foundation for free =D

Enjoy 😉



Have you tried L’Oreal’s True Match Foundation?

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