Monday Munchies – Free McDonalds!

Happy Monday everyone,

Sorry for the lack of Monday munchies recently. I’m capitalising on the extra time this Bank Holiday to hurriedly post more and also try to do a buffer of posts so you’ll hopefully get some more regular updates throughout this week =) Anyway, great deal that I spotted (and used yesterday, in fact, yay for free fries!) is a promotion from McDonalds that’ll get you a free voucher for some free McDonalds food and there’s also a promo on the McDonalds app for a free iced drink.

I love the McDonalds app by the way, it’s simple and non-instrusive on your phone but they tend to have loads of freebie offers on it (there’s usually free iced drinks in summer and hot drinks in the more wintery months) so always worth checking out. The current one on is one where you need to sing a song back to the app (lol…) and that will get you a free summer drink. If you don’t fancy singing, don’t worry, here’s another way to get free McDonalds.

Just head to their 40 Together website and click ‘share memory’, there just type in your favourite McDonalds memory and then they’ll give you a little digital scratch card (love scratch cards, haha) and you stand a chance to get a free voucher for anything ranging from fries, to nuggets, to apple pies, to egg mcmuffins. I got a free medium fries (which I hate to admit but… I love them).

You then need to put the voucher code into your McDonalds app and use that to claim your free food in-store. The voucher code will last for 7 days once you get it. However, this promotion is open till 10.30am on the 14th of October or until 120,000 free items have been given out.




What’s your sinful McDonald’s favourite?

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2 thoughts on “Monday Munchies – Free McDonalds!

  1. Thanks for this !
    I got medium fries also, love them.
    I did the singing promotion earlier in the year for a Frapp. Shame I can’t do it again ha.

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