B. Skincare and Makeup Half Off at Superdrug

Happy Bank Holiday!

As if kicking off the weekend with points events from both Boots and Superdrug wasn’t enough, there’s also a great half off sale on all B. range products at Superdrug, hurrah.

B. Discover premium  beauty, made easy.

To be honest, I’ve never ever tried anything from the B. range before but they have been on my radar for a good while because Jane Cunningham from BritishBeautyBlogger has done some work with them and rates the range highly (I think if someone like Jane who has access to tons of beauty brands rates something highly, surely it’s worth checking out?). In fact, I see she has a post up about the half off sale already and she also has some recommendations, read it here.

I must say, that foundation is tempting me because I need some, all mine are pretty much used up!

B. already has decent prices that are very affordable, so this half off sale makes everything even more crazily cheap, for example most of their foundation was originally between £8 to £10, now they’re down to between £4 to £5, which is amazing I feel. Regular drugstore brands now average £10 for standard foundation (and some bottles are tiny, ie. Eau de Teint??).

I’ve got a pretty good list of things I’m looking forward to getting from Superdrug this weekend, including items from MUA and MR and now B. too 😉 will hit that £10 free delivery amount in no time! The B. range sale ends on the 26th of August, which is Tuesday, so I’d say might as well get everything this weekend so capitalise on the points promotion too.

Happy Bank Holiday Shopping!



ps: FYI, TopCashBack offers 2.1% cashback on purchases from Superdrug online 😉 

What will you be getting from Superdrug this weekend?

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2 thoughts on “B. Skincare and Makeup Half Off at Superdrug

  1. I have been meaning to get some more B. skincare products before Tuesday. I got some last time they were half price , maybe 4 or 5 months ago. I researched the ingredients last time and they have some great stuff in those products, especially the peptides for more mature skin. It seems all the products have some good actives in them and are well worth the money especially at half price. I like them a lot !

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