Free Ghost Eclipse with September Issue of Marie Claire

Hey Everyone!

A quick mag freebie for you to kick off the weekend =) I tend to round these all up in a bumper post but this month’s magazine freebies are surprisingly sparse!  I wonder who decides when freebies get released?? Hmmm.

The main freebie of this month I think would have to be the free handbag sized bottle of the Ghost Eclipse fragrance included in every issue of Marie Claire September (in stores now!).


I tried this scent when some samples were being given out a while back and I have to say that I think all the rave reviews about it aren’t wrong, I love it. It’s described as having Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Apple, Peach, Freesia, Lotus Flower, Rose, Amber and musk all in it but in simple terms – it’s fruit, floral (but not overwhelmingly so) and just summer-fun!

So for £2.50 for a Marie Claire (that’s the price in Sainsbury’s, it can get down to £2 in ASDA!) you get a little 3ml rollerball bottle of Ghost Eclipse. 3ml sounds teensy-weensy but I’ve seem the pack in-stores and it doesn’t look too bad really, what I really love is that it’s a rollerball, these are pretty rare and I think ideal for travel or to pop in the handbag, even if the cap comes loose it won’t go spritzing your perfume everywhere!

It costs £21.50 for the full 30ml bottle so this freebie is only worth £2.15 really but it’s worth it if you (a) love the scent but don’t want a full bottle (*ahem* that’s me) and (b) are a complete sucker for anything mini-sized and nifty-looking (*ahem* me again).



Think you’ll be picking this up?

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