Free Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Sample

Hello Lovelies!

Sorry it’s been so incredibly long since my last update, work has been absolutely crazy (which is good because it means a lot is going on!) and because I freelance sometimes it does get very overwhelming >_< I’m not quite sure I managed to update every single day last year, I probably need to stick to my scheduling guns a bit tighter. Anyhoo, let’s kick it off with a fantastic perfume freebie for you.

The Miss Dior Bouquet is possibly one of the girlist, prettiest scents I’ve seen this year! With so many celebrity scents knocking about, it’s quite refreshing to see one something that’s just unabashedly feminine and pretty in quite a classic bottle! It’s very floral, it’s meant to pay homage to Christian Dior’s legendary passion of flowers, and the main heartnote is peony but accompanied by mandarin and white musk. To be honest, I don’t know what peony smells like (lol) so just as well we get a free sample of this!

Emerald Street is giving out an amazing 25,000 free samples of this, it’ll be a 1ml eau de toilette sample which is great because it basically means you’ll be sent a dinky little bottle (yay!) rather than just a moist towellette dowsed in the fragrance (I prefer the bottles, I just think they’re so cute). Just fill in the form here.

The offer closes at 11.59pm on the 22nd of August so you still have some time, do be quick though as freebies tend to run out quickly! Allow up to 28 days for it to arrive to you =)



Have you tried any Dior perfumes recently?

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