Barry M Aquarian Collection in Caspian – Favourite Polish of the Summer

Hello All!

Just a quickie today featuring my favourite nail polish of the summer, I wore it for a good 3 weeks straight and the only reason I took it off was because I just felt like I kinda should (as if I’d been wearing the same outfit too often), I’m sure it’ll be back on in the next few weeks or so though…

Summer Nails

Barry M Aquarium Collection in Caspian

I have to say I’m a little annoyed as I think the picture doesn’t really do it justice… the Barry M Aquarium Collection is a lovely high on shimmer (but no sparkles) collection with gold patterned lids that remind me of fish scales, I kept calling it the ‘mermaid collection’ in my head. To apologise for my terrible picture let me link you to this fantastic blogpost that features swatches of all the Barry M Aquarium Collection in their full glory, I am in absolutely awe of her pictures, yes this is what Caspian should look like, not like my terrible excuse for a swatch above >_<

I actually only bought Caspian because I wanted the beautiful emerald green Arabian but they were having a ‘buy 2 and get one free limited edition nail colour’ and at £3.99 each it seemed like too good an offer to pass up… Arabian isn’t something I’d wear everyday but I wanted it to match with an emerald green dress I wore to a friend’s wedding back in June (a dress that I love and will probably wear again, at which time Arabian will see light of day again). I’d spent a good bit of time googling pictures of Arabian so Caspian was a bit of an impulse buy, it’s a bit of a huge surprise to me that I love it so much!

Thinking about it though, I can understand why I love this shade so much. It’s what I’d called a ‘glamourous nude’ shade, not as dull as a plain nude colour and not as pop-out-in-your-face as a bright colour, because it’s a rose gold (another reason why I love it, there’s so much depth in that colour, it’s not just gold-gold) it feels like it’s a shade that’s being subtle while being very, very pretty. I don’t feel it’s too loud for work or too boring either and it goes with pretty much anything I wear!

The Aquarium Collection is actually relatively new (ie last few months) so keep your eyes peeled for it in the drugstore! There’s a ton of pretty shades but my favourite (that I feel anyone would get loads of wear from) is Caspian 😉

So that’s my favourite nail polish of this summer, it’ll probably see me into fall too. By the by, the bag in the background is a pretty pastel yellow satchel that Primark has been selling, perfect bright summer bag if anyone’s interested!



ps: did anyone read The Chronicles of Narnia? Prince Caspian came to mind instantly. Although I suppose the name probably refers to the Caspian Sea not to the fictional prince…

Have you tried the Barry M Aquarium Collection?

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