Free MAC Prep + Prime Sample

Happy Weekend!

I’ve got a lovely freebie gift for you to start off the weekend, courtesy of MAC.


Now, personally I know MAC best for their amazing lipsticks (though I don’t own a single one… many dupes but not one proper MAC haha) and also wide range of eye colours and their great brushes and… okay, let’s just say MAC generally do great quality cosmetics. But have you heard of/tried their Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage? It’s not exactly a new product and the market has been flooded with primers recently but some factors made it stand out for me:

Primarily, the fact that it’s an ‘ultra-fluid lotion’. All the primers I’ve come across are very thick and hard to smooth over the face (no ‘slip’ in other words), I can’t really imagine how a primer will work without that texture any more so I’m genuinely curious about this MAC one! The rest of its claims are the general things you’d get for a primer, ie blots excess oil, evens out skin redness, good base for foundation/powder. Oh, and it also calms and soothes the skin, which is also new I believe!

If you’re as curious as I am, good news, you can nab yourself a free sample that will be posted direct into your mailbox (love these sorts of samples!) by just filling in the request form on the MAC Facebook page right here  It’s a really short form, you’ll probably have to like their Facebook page first as well. Sadly, I can’t find specific info on how big the sample is and how long it’ll take, so I’d say expect just a sachet to arrive in about 28 days. There’s 18,000 available but hurry because these things always go fast!

I love primer samples. With skincare you really need to be using it for weeks to know if it’s any good but with makeup you can tell/feel it right off the bat or in a day’s wear, right? Perfect try before you buy! Or even perfect addiction to that over-night travel make-up bag 😉



What are your favourite primers?

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