Free YSL Fusion Foundation 7-Day Sample

Hello All!

Another thank-God-it’s-Friday and again I’m pretty psyched for the weekend, which holds in store another sleepover (I’m seeming to be booked for one every fortnight for now, hurrah) with some dear friends again, except this time it’s not just us girls but a a few guy friends as well, I’m thinking of trying to convince them (the boyfriend included, muahaha) to join me in re-creating this amazing Buzzfeed video where they recorded 5 men getting a full face of make-up done, what do you think? 😉

But on to what you’re really here for (heh), the freebie from YSL!

You may already have read about YSL’s new Fusion Foundation, it’s supposed to be completely innovative and different to any other foundation that has ever been formulated by mankind, I’m not trying to exaggerate here because YSL has dubbed this foundation the, I quote, most ‘scientifically advanced make-up in the world’ because it’s actually incorporated a material that’s used to trap fine particles in outer space into the foundation, where it’s meant to absorb sebum and other things our face just produces in order to keep skin matte no matter what.

Whow, big claims, fancy science, very impressive, of course we’re all wanting to know ‘does it work’, which is why I’m really glad they’re promoting this by offering free 7-days worth of samples for this foundation at any of the YSL counters, I do think 7 days is great because the typical English weather you’ll have experienced sun, rain, hail, snow etc in the average week… definitely more than enough to test out the big claims of this foundation hurrah. They’ve 400,000 in stock but do hurry as I think this’ll be very popular!

It costs around £30 but I couldn’t find out how much will be in a bottle, probably around 35ml? It’s not exorbitant but I don’t like to splash out unnecessarily, so this is a great way to try before you buy.



Have you tried YSL foundations before?

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