Perfume Freebie – Hugo Boss Ma Vie Fragrance

Hi Everyone!

Did you have a nice National Lipstick Day? I didn’t get anything in the end but then again I feel that even though I came into make-up relatively late and I’m extremely thrifty, I somehow managed to build up quite a vast collection of lip products?! So I don’t need anything new really… isn’t buying something new so addictive?!

Well, today it’s about perfume and it’s something new but also, hurrah, FREE!

Hugo Boss is giving out free samples of their new Ma Vie Pour Femme fragrance, lovely bottle there, very pastel and summer appropriate I’d say. It’s meant to be inspired by the independent spirit of a woman (well, that’s nice!), they’re trying to catch femininity and confidence. I always feel fragrances set such a tall order for themselves by making all about some poetic essence, it’d be much easier to believe/understand if they just went ‘this is sweet smelling’ because smells mean something different to all of us! So getting right to what this smells like:

Main top note is cactus blossom, which I’ve never smelt (I’ve had cactus plants before but never thought to smell the flowers, maybe I was afraid of getting pricked), heart notes of pink freesia, jasmine and rosebud and finally base notes of cedarwood and woods. Interesting mix there.

To smell it for yourself, just fill in this sample request form over here. The sample will be posted to you in at least 28 days =)



Have you tried the other Hugo Boss perfumes?

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