Onika by Nicki Minaj – Free Sample

Hello All!

A quick lil deal alert for you today, a perfume sample freebie of the new Onika fragrance by Nicki Minaj (after googling around to find out more about this, did you realise Onika was her original first name? I can’t never quite get used to performers and their stage names, like how Marilyn Monroe was Norma Jean, just blows my mind a bit!!).

ONIKA - Nicki Minaj

In true Nicki Minaj fragrance tradition, the bottle looks like a mini-Nicki and is dressed rather interestingly. I’ll be honest and say I don’t find the bottle pretty at all, unlike most other perfumes which I feel in recent years have come up with some spectacularly gorgeous bottles! So either you’re a huge Nicki Minaj fan to buy this one or the scent has to be a-maz-ing. Good thing we can get a sample to try out first, huh? 😉

I really found it hard to get a good description of this fragrance online, Minaj herself described it as ‘angels in the garden of perfection’, which basically translates to nothing helpful. Best I can surmise is that it’s floral and sweet? Although publicity seems to be calling it ‘fiery’ and the bottle sure doesn’t look ‘sweet’ to me!

In any case, fill in this form on Facebook over here to claim your free sample (you’ll need to like her Fb page first), there’re 10,000 to give away and requests will close on 6th August. You’ll receive an Eau de Parfum Towelette, basically a packaged napkin doused in the fragrance, so a one-time use only but still useful to get an idea of the smell!




Have you tried Nicki Minaj perfumes before?

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