Couple of Great Gift Card Deals – Tesco and Starbucks Half Off

UPDATE: The Tesco Gift Card deal has been renewed for another 7 days =)

Hello All!

Today’s post is not beauty-related at all I’m afraid but they are offers that I believe are intensely practical for absolutely anybody!

First off, we have the Tesco Gift Card offer, this is by Mighty Deals and you basically can buy a £10 Tesco Gift card from them for just £5, this is basically you saving 50% on food here, which I love, because we all need to eat, right? I personally do half of my weekly shop at Tesco and I’m psyched about this (lol, sounds sad, I know) if it was a Boots one I’d be even happier haha. Sadly only one per customer but get your family to get some and spread the word round to friends as well!

Tesco 10 for 5 Voucher

Worth noting that this deal expires in just over a day, so do-do-do snap this up if you’re at all interested. If you never ever shop at Tesco and for some reason would never consider doing so, ignore this of course, but if you shop there even once a month, get this, because the gift card only expires 5 years after you purchase it. Even if you only pop in for the occasional meal deal, this is an investment!

Get this from Mighty Deals, link over here and if you’re new to the site you’ll need to first register here.

Next up is a slightly more ‘frivolous’ one but I also feel it’s a perfect little Christmas stocking filler, it’s a £10 Starbucks Gift card for £5!

Groupon from Starbucks Premium

I hardly ever go into Starbucks but on occasion because I’m meeting someone for coffee (for work or just meeting friends) or sometimes I just feel like a coffee, it happens once every few weeks or so but the gift card expires at the end of January 2015 so I’m pretty sure I’ll get £10 worth of Starbucks by then?! And it’ll all have been half off 😉

On that note, remember if you’re giving this away for Christmas to highlight that it expires 31st Jan 2015, so only give it to a very avid coffee drinker who you know will drink £10 worth of coffee in a month, like someone who grabs a Starbucks a day or something.

Sadly, this is also one per customer. I know so many friends who would love this, I wish I could get it for them all! >_<

By the way, the sweet thing about this deal is that if you somehow don’t end up using this and the card expires, you’ll be given a new £5 Starbucks Gift Card, it’s nice that Groupon/Starbucks are ensuring that you don’t ‘lose out’ either way.

You can find this deal here and it’s on for another 4 days!

Enjoy your half-off treats!



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