Free Jewellery from Jewellery Bank

Hi Lovelies!

It’s another week already! Today’s deal is a nice semi-freebie from a humble online store called Jewellery Bank, the website looks a bit basic so I did a bit of scouting around and it looks legit.

Fashion Bracelet

One thing that caught my eye about this store is that they have an entire section labelled ‘FREE deals’ (yes, with the word ‘free’ capitalised in case you missed it, lol). It’s a pretty impressive section! Most stores tend to have one or two items labelled as ‘free’, presumably to entice new consumers and it’s probably stock that’s maybe less popular so they can at least clear it and they aren’t out of pocket for expenses since they still charge for delivery.

However, this store has a large 2 and a half pages worth to select from and I do think some of the things are rather pretty! Especially the earrings. There’s even cuff links and watches (for men). If you’ve been looking for a particular type of jewellery to complete a look for summer or if you’re shopping for a birthday gift (maybe even Christmas gift!!) then this page is very much definitely worth a look!!

You’re limited to 1 free item per customer (which makes sense… otherwise we’d clear it out, wouldn’t we??).

UPDATE: I’ve been informed that delivery charges for the free items are £4.99, just fyi =)




What’s your top pick?

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