Free Origins Face Mask Sample

Hello Lovelies!

Great offer today from Origins, I must say, they’re one of my favourite brands for their great sample offers and eco-friendly recycling schemes, it doesn’t hurt that it’s also a pretty good skincare brand in itself as well 😉

So, this offer is a lovely bargain. Basically, it bags you an entirely free 1-week’s worth sample of their GinZing mask, I’ve heard good things about it and the main active ingredient is (you guessed it) ginseng. It also has coffee extract and magnolia extract, the whole point is to not only moisturise but also energise, brighten-up and all-round ‘refresh’ your face.

But then, I find a skincare product that works for one person doesn’t work for another and vice versa, which is why I love samples 😉 if you try it and like it, then buy it! Especially masks, because more often than not you’re looking for an almost instantaneous effect that’s visible the moment you wash it off. Unlike serums or anti-aging creams where you’re really in for the long-haul!

Anyway, back to the deal… just click on the Origins Facebook page here to request your offer. They’ll send you an email from their Facebook group (check your spam just in case!) and all you need to do is show that email to an Origins store or Origins counter to claim your 7-day mask sample! Offer expires end of this month, so you’ve a good couple of weeks to redeem it =)



Have you tried the GinZing mask before?

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