July 2014 Magazine Freebies August Issues – Part 1 Skincare

Hello Everyone!

I know it’s Monday but I felt instead of Monday Munchies I should get these mag freebies out there asap so you have more time to look out for something you want in the shops =)

So, this month is another bumper crop of mag freebies, hence the separation into 2 posts! If you’ve missed it, I also did a separate post for the by-far most popular mag freebie for this month, which is Glamour magazine’s Clinique freebies.

This post is all about the skincare mag freebies this month, so if skincare isn’t your thing you can skip this post and wait for the next one, which will have make-up and miscellaneous things (like a free razor and free perfume). Otherwise, if skincare is your thing, stick around for freebies ranging from hand-cream to cleanser, featuring brands like Neal’s Yard, Balance Me and Rodial!

As always, just flagging up that these are the August issues of magazines and hence out in July (I will never, ever understand this). These will be out for at least another three weeks and when I last checked everything’s was in good stock but if you see something you really like pop into the shops for one asap just in case.


Elle August 2014 with Malin + Goetz freebie

Elle August 2014 with Malin + Goetz freebie

Usual Mag Price: £3.60


Malin + Goetz Skincare Trio: lip moisturiser (5ml, usually £10 for 10ml), Vitamin E face moisturiser (10ml, usually £36 for 118ml) and Grapefruit face cleanser (10ml, usually £25 for 236ml). Total is worth an estimated £9.

Is it worth it:

Money-wise, yes. Since you’re paying around £3.60 for £9 worth of product it’s around a discount of around 60%? Definitely worth it if you’ve got a summer holiday planned soon!


Malin + Goetz is an apothecary and lab based in New York and dedicated to producing products with natural ingredients and for sensitive skin. It’s US-based but quite a few UK sites stock their products too (eg. Space NK) and reviews seem to be pretty favourable. All of the products in the trio are listed as being amongst their best-sellers and score really high on customer reviews, which is always a good sign!

Would I get it?

Eep, am seriously tempted by the lip balm which has plenty of rave reviews because I have the driest lips in the world, I barely get away moisturising it every night with Bodyshop lip balm and every day with the ELF SPF Lipbalm (my favourite lipbalm ever!). But I just don’t feel I need it enough? Seeing as I am pretty well stocked up on mini’s at the moment… definitely one for you to get if you’ll need mini’s for a trip away or have been eyeing this brand to try out!

Marie Claire

Marie Claire Balance Me

Marie Claire August 2014 with Balance Me freebie

Usual Mag Price: £3.80 (£2.50 in Tesco!)


Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm (40ml, usually £20 for 125ml, so this is worth £6.40)

Is it worth it:

Yes, paying £.380 for a freebie worth £6.40 is still worth it, but maybe I’m overly critical of the ‘bargainous-ness’ of a bargain and just don’t see it as good enough of a deal? If you want it definitely get it from Tesco!


Tons of good reviews surrounding this and also one of Balance’s Me’s best-sellers. It’s a very soothing, gentle face cleanser packed with oat powder, so it’s meant to deeply cleanser (good enough to take off make-up) while gently exfoliating. The full size comes with a muslin cloth though I think this littler size doesn’t. It’s packed with anti-oxidants as well and all natural ingredients, nothing not to love about this!

Would I get it?

Only because I recently got a new cleanser, I feel I don’t need another one? Also I can’t help but feel I wouldn’t be using it right without a muslin cloth, hmmm. However, the balm-y type cleansers + cloth cleansing routine really rocks your boat you should give this one a try, sounds like all good things honestly. And if I had a trip of over a week planned I would nab it too as 40ml is an almost perfect size for a lengthier holiday yet under the 100ml rule!


InStyle Neal's Yard

InStyle August 2014 with Neal’s Yard handcream

Usual Mag Price: £3.90 (£2.50 in Asda!)


Neal’s Yard Geranium & Orange Hand Cream 50ml (full size, worth £10)

Is it worth it:

Yep, definitely, over 50% worth of savings even if you paid full price for the mag and at the £2.50 price it’s a cool 75% off!


Highly rated, apparently the scent is described as ‘uplifting sunny scent of rose geranium and vibrant sweet orange essential oil’, which sounds lovely to me. Neal’s Yard is another brand known for natural ingredients, it seems this month’s freebies are pretty big on that!

Would I get it?

Although this is the best deal so far, I wouldn’t get it for myself, no, just because I plain don’t use handcream! However, I am considering getting it as a gift, my mum loves a good handcream and this is really a steal!


Red August 2014 with free Rodial Lip Balm

Red August 2014 with free Rodial Lip Balm

Usual Mag Price: £4.00


Rodial Stemcell Super-Food Glam Balm Lip (10ml, this is the full size and costs £19 rrp)

Is it worth it:

Although it’s the most expensive mag on this list (can’t find it for cheaper anywhere that I’ve looked!) it also has the most expensive skincare freebie of the lot, although the one Rodial sells is usually in a tub and this is in a tube (which is probably better actually).


The idea is that it’s a protective lip balm for dehydrated lips and the added benefit of stem cells (ooo, sciencey!), does use rose hip oil though so one to avoid if you don’t like rose-y scents but one thing I do like about it is that it has SPF 15. Rodial is a brand that aims to bridge the gap between scientific and natural-based skincare, which intrigues me really, I guess it’s trying to find it’s niche in-between 2 other niches? Reviews online are scarce and also mixed, although some who’ve tried the freebie quite like it.

Would I get it?

Hmmm, again the fact that it’s a lip product tempts me because my lips need a lot of loving, but £4 is the pricier mag-freebie end and I can’t help but think that’s worth 2 Glamour magazines (complete with their Clinique freebie galore). I know I definitely would never purchase a lip balm for £19 though! So if you’ve been eyeing up Rodial, this is your chance to try it on the cheap.

Well, that’s it for today’s freebies post, it’s just the skincare ones but it’s long enough as is >_< stay tuned for more!



What do you think of this month’s freebies?

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