One-Year Blog-aversary!!! – Did You Save a Penny?

Parsimonious Penny has been up for A YEAR!!!

It's been HOW long?!

It’s been HOW long?!

Yes, I’m celebrating with my all-time favourite cat picture (I want that kitten)! And FIREWORKS!!! Okay, imaginary fireworks.

Does the word ‘blog-aversary even exist?? Well, it does now. I’m actually pretty chuffed I made it this far. A tad bit sad I abandoned the post-every-single-day a couple months ago but as an annual round-up kinda thing and also to be accountable to you lovely readers this is a stats-happy page. It’s nowhere as amazing as some of the beauty blogs out there that hit stats like this in, like, their first week. I’m not that amazing snazzy blog run by a social media expert-extradinaire that has wonderful integrated social platforms, artsy pictures taken by a chunky camera, which achieved 2500000 followers in its first 5 minutes of life… but then, I never expected a freebies beauty blog to be like that! It’s less about pretty images and more about maths, number crunching, real bargains and free stuff (lol).

So here’s what Parsimonious Penny is today, on its official one-year blog-aversary.

Number of Posts – 339 (hey, not far from 365!)

Followers – 204

Total Views – 42,225

Total Comments – 928

Total Pennies Saved – you tell me!

The most important number to me would be how much this blog has actually helped you, if at all! I want the blog to be a penny-saver, not a penny-loser, and I’d hate for any reader to walk away being enabled to buy more rather than save more >_< So I’d love to hear in your comments below what freebies or bargains you’ve nabbed this year thanks to the blog, heck email me with pictures if you have any, I’d love to hear your freebie stories!

Of course, a 1-year anniversary of a blog dedicated to freebies and bargains wouldn’t be complete without a bargain… so if you missed today’s post on a free loom-band via TopCashBack, click here for it.

I feel it’s also appropriate to have a look back at my first ever post – Find a Penny, Pick it Up.

Looking forward to your stories!



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4 thoughts on “One-Year Blog-aversary!!! – Did You Save a Penny?

  1. yes! thank you! and compliments for your effort in this blog
    it’s true that sometimes just the opportunity of a discount or a freebie makes you buy something so in the end you may lose instead of gain, but your blog is very useful and a help if you want to buy something and save. your mse post made me go buy things, but i’m happy i did even if it wasnt super planned, because in the end i just tryied some products sooner than later for a very good price. it will be up to me, in the future, to manage my purchases though, even if there are offers(i’m not a sucker for offers but for buying in general… so maybe that becomes an excuse.. lol. – but i saved! lool), but it’s so sweet and important, from you, to care and precise it. i wrote too much and sorry for my english! i felt guilty not answering this kinda personal post. i’m reading your first one now and i love it <3.

    • Hi Connie!

      Thanks so much for your long and lovely comment, comments like these really make my day and I really smile when I see lengthy reader comments because it feels like a genuine dialogue is happening (like we’re all just friends having a girly chat!). Thanks for reading that first post!

      I’m going to do my best bringing you the best offers/freebies to hopefully save you money this coming year!!! 😉 😉

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