Free Loom Band Twister Kit via TopCashBack

Hi Sweethearts and Happy Sunday!

So, the world seems to have jumped onboard this loom-band trend, I’ve completely failed to catch that bandwagon, much less get onto it, mainly because I’m absolutely terrible at anything to do with hands and crafts and the like. On the other hand, when I was home for a visit last month my little cousins and my aunts were all huddled over a loom-band learning how to make their first bracelet… yes, even my aunts, I felt hideously left out! Anyway, those of you that are up for this craze and/or want in on it, I’ve got a sweet deal for you this Sunday and that’s a free Loom Band Twister kit from The Works and courtesy of TopCashBack!

I’ve definitely mentioned TopCashBack deals before, the last one I flagged up was a free Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm courtesy of Miss Budget Beauty, that was a great freebie, wasn’t it? BUT I do have to highlight that such freebies are usually only for new TopCashBack members so please be careful before ordering, because if you already have an account and try for this freebie, then you won’t get the cashback, obviously, but by then it’ll be too late. Same for this loom-band freebie, so if you want it you’ll need to open a new account first (maybe for a family member/friend?).

If you don’t have an account, I’d highly recommend opening one. Every time I shop online I check if I can get the stuff via TopCashBack (well, actually first I google for voucher codes, lol), there’s also random amounts of cashback you can ‘earn’ by visiting some of the websites listed on TopCashBack. I’ve already racked up about £17.00 here and there. It shouldn’t tempt you to spend on something you weren’t intending to already get but if anything does happen to catch your eye now during this sales season, see if you can get it via TopCashBack and save some money along the way!

But back to loom bands… for this freebie all you need to do is first register to TopCashBack and then get to the The Works page and click through to their site. The loom band kit you’re looking for should be this one, it’s worth £9.99 and contains a loom-band twister kit plus 2000 bands. I think I should highlight that delivery is probably not free so y0u’ll need to pay £3.99 for that, unless your total The Works order comes to above £20.

You’ll need to purchase the item from the The Works site first (all instructions via TopCashBack) and then get your cashback of £9.99 later, it could be up to 6 weeks later (this freebie is about patience…) and if the amount showing up is wrong, don’t be afraid to raise a complaint ticket to highlight that, that happened with my Revlon Matte balm and I managed to get the right amount in the end 🙂

Well, enjoy your little Sunday freebie, although I probably will never master them myself, I do think loom bands are a lovely way for people to pass the time, especially little ones, there’re far worse and less productive hobbies out there to have! They’re also a great way to make cheap but personalised gifts yet much easier to pick up than, say, knitting >_<



Do you use loom=bands?

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