Free £2 to Spend at Superdrug (200 Superdrug Beauty Card Points)

Hey Lovelies!

This offer popped up in my inbox some time ago but as it’s still running I thought I’d heads-up it on the blog because it’s really a great deal… it’s basically a quick and simple offer to bag you 200 Superdrug Beauty Card points which translates to £2 to spend in Superdrug!

Now, £2 may not seem like a lot but here’s the thing… I’m a Boots Advantage Card fan through and through (lol), there’s just a lot more points events and vouchers at Boots that boosts your points to spend ratio and makes it so much more worth it shopping at Boots (of course, if something is cheaper somewhere else, you need to weigh up the pros and cons!). But there is one thing I always go to Superdrug for… MUA and Makeup Revolution! For some reason Boots just don’t stock these amazing budget brands. When you consider that a good lippie from MUA is about £1, so is a good powder blush, and an awesome eye palette from either brand is £4, then £2 is a lot, isn’t it? That’s like 2 free lipsticks on one of the eye palettes half off!

So, first off, you need a Superdrug Beauty Card, so get yourself one first (get one at your local Superdrug and then register it online when you’re home, makes it easier that way). Now armed with your Beauty Card number, you’re ready to complete this really simple survey for a free £2 to use at Superdrug! By the way, the card also comes with a mirrored surface, it’s kinda nifty for those on the go spot-checks because it’s a mirror you just need to slip into your wallet. I have actually seen people use this to check their makeup out and about 😉

The survey is about the Beauty Card and will take about 2 minutes of your time to complete. Points will be added by 25th July =) Click here to start now!



ps: an annoying thing about this card is that it rounds up points… so every 100 points is £1 but 150 points isn’t £1.50 (if you see what I mean).

pps: I currently have 145 points so I keep feeling like I need to hit a rounder number before I spend it so it doesn’t ‘waste’ the 45 points?! Decisions decisions…

What will you spend your £2 on?

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4 thoughts on “Free £2 to Spend at Superdrug (200 Superdrug Beauty Card Points)

  1. It would’ve taken me ages to build up 200 points, so thanks a lot for the heads up on this offer, Penny – definitely worth doing the survey! 😀

  2. I had that email last week and did the survey. I get told by staff that I can’t spend the points until they reach 100 but some tell me I can spend so long as I leave 1 point on the card. Who is right?
    Also, I’ve spent an odd amounts of points, like for example, 176 points taken off my shopping as £1.76.
    Maybe I only got £1 off instead of £1.76 and didn’t notice? WOW, I hope not.

    I used to love the old receipts before the Beauty Card where every receipt on the back gave you could get 25% off own brands and 10% off brands on your next purchase. I miss that offer.
    I still haven’t come across Makeup Revolution in any Superdrug and I’ve tried quite a few – Bond St. tube station, Oxford St., Watford, Edgware, Harrow plus others.
    Where have you come across it?

    • Hello! The staff is right there, sadly. The Beauty Card points can only be spent in multiples of 100 (unlike the Boots Advantage Card) so it must have been 100 points taken off instead of £1.76? But then, you should still have the remaining 76 points left on your card (it won’t be lost, no worries!).

      At the moment you can only get the Makeup Revolution online at the Superdrug website, if there’s a good offer going on, I do feel it makes more sense ordering it off Superdrug than the Makeup Revolution website, just for points purposes and because you can pick up MUA items etc too.

      Those receipts sound awesome by the way >_< bummer!

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