Clinique Freebie with Glamour Mag out July (August 2014 edition)

Hello All!

Apologies on the slowness of releasing news on this freebie! I mentioned it the other day but was kind of reluctant to post full details because I didn’t have details of product sizes so I wanted to look at them in-store, otherwise I can’t really accurately calculate what the full value would be (and then I don’t know if it’s really ‘worth it’!).

So anyway, this mag freebie gets a post all on its own because the hype surrounding it has been crazy. It’s popping up on lots of beauty blogs, even the non-budget related ones, and even more than that it’s been pretty hard to get hold of even in-store, it’s practically sold out everywhere. I’m not sure how I feel about it because in lots of stores I’ve seen the freebies torn out and the magazine left on the stand =O I can’t believe it! It would’ve only cost £2, who would steal a magazine freebie and risk getting caught over £2?!?!

Glamour mag clinique 2014

August 2014 Issue of Glamour with Clinique Freebies

Usually I’d do a bumper post of all the mag freebies with prices of mag and price estimates of the freebies listed as well as personal thoughts/review of the products but not any product pics/swatches as I don’t get all the mag freebies out there, but I felt this particular one warranted it’s own post and seeing as I managed to nag a couple of the freebies, you get a more indepth look at the freebies this time! Don’t worry though, that’ bumper post is coming up because there are a lot of freebies this month, the rest just aren’t flying off the shelves as crazily as the Glamour one is… =P

Okay, so on with the deets first:

Usual Mag Price: £2.00 (I think it’s the cheapest mag out there)


There are 4 freebie options to choose from:

(1) Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry (berry colour) – there’s no size on it annoying but when I pushed the product in mine up fully it seemed like about slightly less than half the size of a regular chubby stick (3g)? That’s worth £17 so this half-size-ish would be around £8?

(2) Clinique Chubby Stick in Woppin’ Watermelon (sheer pink) – ditto above, so around £8 again.

(3) Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion + – 15ml, the 50ml size is worth £17.50 so this mini is about so it’s worth about £5.25.

(4) High Impact Masacara in Black – 3.5ml, the full 8ml size in black costs £17.50 so this mini is worth about £7.65.

Is it worth it:

Price-wise, definitely! Not to mention that £2 is such an easy spend amount anyway. Because sometimes if a mag costs £4, even if the freebie is worth £15 I’m less inclined to get it just because I don’t even want to spend £4 on that product, but in this case the spend limit is low and the freebies are not only worth it but pretty award-winning/famous in their own right. Read more below about that…


First up, the chubby sticks. These are worth the most monetarily but I don’t think that’s the only reason everyone’s crazy after them, firstly because you just don’t get mini versions really so if you really wanted to try a Clinique Chubby Stick out you’d usually need to get a full version, so that’s a full £17 spend, so getting to try it out at £2 is a definite steal!! They’re an award-winning product of Clinique and I also think Clinique was the first one to release them? Since then, the market’s gone crazy with chubby stick dupes, they’re easy to use, easy to carry around and good quality all-round.

Next, the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion +. Now, this isn’t actually getting a lot of love and I don’t know why, I love this moisturising lotion, it’s what I use daily even though I’m such a scrooge (I got the 50ml version when it was first released and was on offer and came with free cleansing gel and clarifying lotion). It’s so good I usually reserve it for around my eyes and on my neck area, where I need things to be extra moisturising. It’s the new updated version of the extremely popular Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (without the + sign, lol). I’ve done a full review of it before so for more info just check it out here.

Finally, the High Impact Mascara in black, apparently it’s amazing at blackening, volumising and lengthening so it definitely gives that ‘high impact’ but it’s not waterproof, so beware on rainy days!

Would I get it?

Well, I guess I already did!

I was most interested in the chubby sticks primarily because I’ve always been curious about the hype surrounding them and I really didn’t mind spending £2 just to try them out, even if they were a dud I was confident they’d at least be moisturising and balmy for my lips, and I wasn’t disappointed there at all.

Glamour Clinique Freebies - Chubby Stick and Dramatically Moisturising +

Glamour Clinique Freebies – Chubby Stick and Dramatically Moisturising +

I got the chubby stick in Woppin’ Watermelon and it’s really the sheerest of pink, so much so that a swatch wasn’t really worth it (but there’s tons out there, trust me). You can build it up slightly but you’ll never get a really opaque colour. It’s definitely a nice little thing, very moisturising like I predicted and a pretty wash of colour for those no-makeup-look days but I wouldn’t have wanted to fork out £17 for it! I think what I loved most was that it was fragrance-less. The one other chubby-stick-like product I have is from Rimmel which I feel is over-scented (but I love the colour).

The other thing I got was the moisturiser because I’m an avid fan of it and usually always have some of it around. I know I’d want to repurchase once mine ran out and thinking about it logically, getting it for £2 when it’s worth £5.25 is a discount of over 50%! Probably closer to 65%! So definitely a savings and investment thing for me… plus I love mini’s, I’m definitely going travelling with this baby. It is the cutest little bottle EVER.

How cute is this??

How cute is this??

It’s honestly so tiny. So much so that the one problem I can foresee is how to get all the product out of it =P Will probably be digging around in it with a cotton bud or something because unlike with tiny tube packaging I can’t cut it open!

So, how do I feel about the Clinique goodies and should you be rushing out into the fray to nab one for yourself too?

Well… to be honest, the Chubby Sticks is what’s got everyone worked up into a tizzy I feel, since most of the stores I checked are either out of the Chubby Stick freebies or have only one or two of them left (I couldn’t find Super Strawberry anywhere). I did check loads of supermarkets: Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose, Marks and Spencer, Co-Op (they’re lined up in a row down my street, don’t judge!) and even looked into a WH Smith, which is where I found the Woppin Watermelon. So my biggest tip is to check out a bookstore I guess.

I do feel the Chubby Sticks aren’t really worth the hype? They’re a nice little product and I love the Clinique brand but £17 is really too much to fork over and I just didn’t ‘love’ the product, so I’m classing my determination to hunt one down as merely a satisfaction of my curiosity. I’m not sure if I’m much bothered about Super Strawberry as it’s very much a light berry tone (also quite sheer) and I don’t think I want that colour right now. If you’re a fan of balms though and like sheer colours (especially pink and berry) then this is definitely for you!!

As for the mascara, that seems to be the 2nd most popular product that I can see because those are pretty out of stock too (you can still find some in Sainsbury’s) but definitely not for me because every mascara in the world smudges on me and a non-waterproof one would be simple disaster!

Finally, love the moisturiser. Just because I love it already and would repurchase it to death, this freebie is one I’d recommend the most and it also happens to be the one that’s the most in-stock (lol), I guess moisturiser just isn’t exciting enough! But how handy is that little bottle. I use it most as an eye-cream, like I mentioned, and it lasts forever like that. If I spot it again I might pick another one up to stock up…

Well, would love to hear if you managed to spot one of these and how you feel about people ripping out freebies from a mag! I think that pretty much makes the mag near-worthless because no one really buys those things to read anymore, do they?



ps: my boyfriend was completely baffled as to why the female magazine would feature a woman with plunging neckline on the cover, quite a few of the female mags had similar provocative poses though and he couldn’t understand why. I just pointed out that the media really is brainwashing us into thinking that’s how a ‘successful’ and ‘attractive’ female should look like, isn’t it?

Will you be hunting one down?

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