Free Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume

Hey lovelies!

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s a week since the last update, I’m getting slack on the freebie-update front, huh? >_<

Just a quick one today, it’s a perfume freebie so it’s an oldie but a goodie, somehow you can always count on those perfume freebies showing up but not always for those skincare ones! In fact, there’s one particular skincare/beauty offer from one company that pops up every few months that I’ve stopped posting about because I have a strong, strong suspicion they’re just collecting people’s data and selling them (data-brokers), of course it’s just a suspicion for now but we’ll see… I’d hate for anyone to end up unwittingly selling their data because of my blog!

Anyway, back to Calvin Klein’s new perfume,  Beauty! I’ve not heard much about it but it looks to be clean, classic and feminine.

Top notes are Ambrette Seeds, the middle notes are of Jasmine and there’s base notes of Cedarwood, I don’t quite know what ambrette seeds smell like to be completely honest but, like I always say, that’s what perfume freebies are for! Because you just can’t really catch a scent onto paper with words…

Superbly straight-forward form to fill in to get your freebie, just 3 things they’ll want (name, address and email), so quick! It’s here and you’ll be sent a postcard-sized beauty sample (sadly not one of those cute little bottles), I do like postcard samples though, just keep all your little postcards in a perfume freebie box and pull one out when you feel like smelling special for that day!



Have you tried any CK perfume before?

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3 thoughts on “Free Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume

  1. If you want freebies in the skincare department, go to my blog. It has a LOT of skincare products among many other freebies.

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