Review – Eyeko Skinny Liner

Happy Almost-Friday Everyone!

So, for those of you who kept up with the magazine freebies for June, you’ll know that June had an amazing freebie with Glamour mag (only £2 at Tesco!) which was the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliners in your choice or Black or Navy, rrp £12. I decided I’d review them and let you know how I’ve been getting on with them the past couple weeks and if you like what you read, the Glamour mag is still on sale for a few more days until the next issue is out on Monday 7th July, so you still have a chance!

Eyeko Liner Glamour Mag

July Glamour 2014 Freebie

I must admit I didn’t read the magazine at all… if any of you did buy it though it’s worth a flip through, not to read it, but because there’s a couple other nifty sachet samples in there! 😉 It feels like I’m getting extra presents! But anyway, in the above picture you have my lovely little mini-Eyeko haul courtesy of Glamour mag. So, on with the review!


Eyeko Skinny Liners

Eyeko Skinny Liners.

This isn’t really an essential thing for me tbh, but the packaging was nice and sleek. It’s a bit refreshing to have some makeup that didn’t come in a standard black box and isn’t in standard black packaging, quite a lot of brands just come in black because it’s easier to look ‘sleek’ I suppose? Sleek comes in black packaging too, so point proven (pardon that terrible semi-joke). One thing I really like about the packaging though, and not every brand does this, is that the colour at the bottom of the liners is the colour that the liner itself is in. Not sure if you can spot it. But basically, the blue liner has a blue base and the black one has black. I store my liners upside-down anyway (I think it helps the nib stay moist, this is based on personal experience though, no scientific proof whatsoever) and it’s been so handy being able to spot which is which colour thanks to the coloured bases!


What would a review be without some swatches, eh? That’s one thing I love about the internet and the whole blogging thing, before I ever decide on any makeup purchase these days I google for some swatches. I can’t imagine how people used to make uninformed purchases in the past, considering the huge number of products available surely it’s like taking a gamble?

Eyeko Liners swatches

Eyeko Skinny Liner Swatches, blue and black.

It wasn’t as ‘skinny’ as I’d expected it but there is a degree of flexibility depending on how you use it, as you can see I tried to draw a line that started out fine and ended out thick just so you can see how much you’ve got to play with. It’s harder to do that on eyes of course.

I love the black, it is indeed the blackest of black! Nothing worse than having a black eyeliner end up being a wussy black, do you know what I mean? The sort of fade-ing-away-ish, not-quite-grey (grey would be chic), not-dark-enough-black… no complaints with this one! The blue is a great dark, midnight blue, definitely ‘navy’. On hindsight I know I won’t use the blue as much but it’s great to have bought it (for £2!!) to give my eyeliner collection a bit of versatility. I tend to have a couple of coloured eye-liner pencils but hardly ever any coloured liquid liners.

The Product

Firstly, application. It was as convenient as I’d expected, seeing as it’s the type of liquid eye-liner that I love – basically a pen! I don’t do well with those brush-type liquid liners (either those that you dip into a separate pot or those with ink in the pen that you click on to release the ink, it’s just harder to handle) so I was already happy to see that this was a good, ol’ eyeliner pen! Below’s a picture of the pen-nibs so you see what I mean:

Eyeko Skinny Liners Nib

Eyeko Skinny Liners Nib

Next, staying quality? To be honest, the first day I wore out the navy eyeliner I ended up with dark blue smudges under my eyes… not terribly smudges but I could see they were there. To be fair, I have very, very oily eyelids, every single mascara I’ve tried (bar one) has smudged under my eyes and almost every single eyeliner too, plus it was a very hot and muggy day.

Funnily enough though, I’ve worn the black eyeliner loads since then and not really had that problem? Very slight to minimal smudging I’d say, I don’t want to say there’s positively no smudging at all! I think it helps with I apply primer on the eyelid, under the eyes, blot with a bit of power and apply makeup fixer spray – that’s if I really want no-budge makeup, such is the trials of an oily-skinned person. Le sigh. Otherwise I usually get away with just primer and then it smudges slightly but nothing I can’t touch-up during the day. The black eyeliner has fast become one of my daily go-to eyeliners, so am very happy with this buy indeed!

To Buy or Not To Buy?

For £2??? YES YES YES, I can’t stress it enough. I’m sure you’ll pass a Tesco or Sainsbury’s or some supermarket or bookstore on the way home? Unless you’ve more eyeliners than your makeup drawer can carry and you’ve made a pledge to absolutely not buy another eyeliner for a year or something, you definitely should get this, it’s such a fantastic buy. If not for you, get it as a present for a friend, it’s a more-than-decent present, especially if you get them both the colours!

Okay, but what about for £12? Hmmmmm. That’s tough!

I know the Eyeko Skinny Liners are an Alexa Chung favourite and so they must be of some quality above drugstore brand makeup, and I do agree that I love the colour, the ease of application and that the smudging isn’t too bad at all. If I’d bought it for £12 though, part of me would have expected an absolutely no-budge solution, but maybe that’s asking too much because everything I know has always smudged on me >_< Part of me doesn’t ever want to spend £12 on an eyeliner anyway because I know deals/offers do exist and one day I can get it (or something like it) for cheaper. Yes, such is the extent of my parsimonious mind!

What do you think though?

In conclusion, you need to get this eyeliner freebie with Glamour mag! And here’s a tip if you’ve missed it… check on eBay 😉 Over the past few days I’ve noticed quite a few of these go up on eBay for a starting bid of just 99p plus postage (usually around £2?). Still a deal from the regular price. My guess is that some people have got it free with Glamour mag and didn’t want it (WHY?!) or some entrepreneurial people actually bought more of the mags to resell the eyeliners online. Either way, good for you if you want to try it for cheaper!

In other news, keep your eyes peeled because there’s another amazing Glamour freebie coming up for their August issue! I don’t have the full details yet so I haven’t posted but I am pretty excited for it >_<



What are your thoughts on the Eyeko Skinny Liners?

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2 thoughts on “Review – Eyeko Skinny Liner

  1. Great review!! 🙂 This is shameful to admit but I’ve never bought an eyeliner yet… somehow I never felt the need. but the time has come so thank you for helping me ❤

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