Perfume Freebie Today – Justin Bieber’s Collector’s Edition

Hello lovelies!

Perfume freebie for y’all, I feel it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a new perfume freebie float around so it’s nice to spot one! This is Justin Bieber’s Collector’s Edition and while I’m not a ‘Bieberite’ (is that what his fans are called..?) I’ve learnt to separate the singer from the perfume, if that makes sense. Basically I just see it as a new perfume launch and ignore the singer’s name attached to it, there’s just so many these days I’d never be able to get through the perfume aisle without dying from scepticism.

Must say though, I do really like this bottle! I just love the musical note plus record decoration and the liquid gold drip on the side, it’s also a very classy white and gold. As an added bonus, the little charm can be detached too so it’s a handy add-on to your keys or bag or phone (since the advent of smartphones there aren’t any phone-straps any more, pity, I loved those!!). Apparently it looks very similar to one of his other fragrances, The Key, but there’s an entirely new scent inside. But enough about the bottle and on to the actual fragrance…

This is Bieber’s fourth fragrance, for the ladies (as usual), and is meant to be dedicated to his fans. There’s a lot of bright, fruity scents in this with very floral heart-notes and a touch of heavy musks/amber near the end. Sounds like a muddle of everything to be honest and I can’t imagine how it’d smell like so thank goodness for samples!

To get your freebie, like this page and then fill out the freebie request form, the first 10000 requests will be mailed a freebie within 21 days of the offer closing, which is 5pm today.

Good Luck!


Have you tried any Bieber perfume before?

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