FeelUnique £10 Off Code – Till Next Wednesday 9th July

UPDATE: Sorry, noob error on my part! This code expires next Wednesday 9th July (not yesterday!) or until it’s been used 10,000 times =)

Hello Lovelies!

Sorry for the lack of blogposts lately >_< Been bogged down with work since I’ve been back from Singapore and to be honest freebie-hunting seems to be at an all-time low, is it a summer thing?!

Today however I stumbled upon an amazing £10 off a minimum £25 spend code for FeelUnique, courtesy of MoneySavingExpert (thanks MSE!). Basically, this means the minimum amount you’d actually have to spend is £15 (£25 minus £10 basically) and since FeelUnique offers free delivery over a £10 spend (yay) you don’t pay for delivery either!

In case you haven’t heard of Feel Unique, it’s one of the largest online beauty retailers and they do stock an impressive variety of products, from low-end brands (ie. drugstore brands like Rimmel, Revlon, Bourjois etc) to high-end stuff (YSL, Chanel, etc), so there’s really something for everyone here!

The code can only be used on full priced items (so don’t start looking in the sales sections!) and also can’t be used with any other code or offer (not sure if that includes GWP or 3 for 2 deals as well?). It also can’t be used for these following brands: Stila, Gatineau, GHD, Ole Henriksen, Lily Lolo and Moroccanoil.

If you have a beauty product, particularly a high-end one that you can’t get from Boots (and so can’t get Advantage Card points on) and one that isn’t likely to go on sale any time soon, I’d highly recommend using this code! It’s basically a 40% off if you hit the £25 on the dot.

The code is MSEJUL14 and is valid till 11.59pm Wednesday 9th July or until it’s been used 10,000 times. At this point in time, it’s still valid, so you have a good chance.




Have you bought from FeelUnique before?

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4 thoughts on “FeelUnique £10 Off Code – Till Next Wednesday 9th July

  1. omg amazing! i would have never known it! thank you so much for all your posts! i have a doubt though.. do you think i can use it more than once?? lol. i am super indecisive and i thought” maybe i can make 2 different orders!”, because now i’d have like a tot. of 80euros.. lol, thank you again!

    • Good news is that you now have more time to use it, till next Wednesday to be exact!

      Technically, it’s one use per customer, so if you wanted to use it twice perhaps you can use someone else’s account? Or simply open another one 😉

  2. ohhh!! that’s interesting! i thought about that but ofr another reason, before, but then i thought about the card to use which would be the same… mmh.. ah, and yes, i discovered, trying that i coulndt use the code for two orders.. (obv…).
    and i have to add a thought to my comment on the anniversary post: being a blog about saving money and purchases it is still a blog about buying, but i definitely feel the spirit. you can tell the attitude you post with. it’s like that, everything is different depending on the way it’s done..! you feel it, it pays.

    • Hello! Thanks for the additional thought, that’s really sweet 🙂 yes, everything can be so different based on the heart motive behind it! I like sales/offers but I especially love it when I feel brands are really doing it to serve their consumers not just to make more sales. Xx Penny

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