New In – Julep Plié Wand!

Hello All!

So, a couple weeks ago I got an email from Julep’s PR with some exciting information… it was very timely too as  you know I’ve only just started getting into nails and all that. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that one of my main gripes with nail polish, a gripe that also used to be one of my main factors putting me off polish in the past, is that I’m right-handed and so the nails on my right hand always get smudged or are done terribly, because my left hand just isn’t as dexterous. Oh well, I figure, can’t be helped, unless you get a mani (or are ambidextrous) you’re always going to have one hand slightly less well done than the other, right? Right. But… not any more!

Doesn’t it look fascinating?? It’s not just a wand that sits at a right angle by the way, there’s far more to it. But in short, it’s a wand that’s meant to make applying nail polish a heck of a lot easier for both your hands. I’m honestly a clutz, I can’t do anything well that requires my hands (not even wrap a present, I wrap terribly, no really, it looks terrible), even my handwriting is bad. When it comes to my nails though, the reason I paint them is because I want to stop biting them and the reason I bite them is because the moment a bit of the nail is irregular I feel like I want to bite it down (I’m not crazy, promise!). So when the polish is uneven, it does drive me a bit crazy =P and it almost always is. I’m really looking forward to this new wand! There’s much more to it than just a wand that sits at right angles though!

As you can see, the main feature of the wand is, well, the wand itself. It features a flexible handle that rotates, hence the right-angled brush you saw in the first picture. Next is the various accessory brushes, there’s a normal brush, a precision brush and a spotting tool – the last two will be so useful for nail art! But if you’re like myself and not really into nail art, then you’ll be pleased to know you can just buy the wand without the accessories.

A picture tells a thousand words so I guess a video tells thousands upon thousands (being made up of lots of pictures), so have a look at the Julep Wand video here, where the wand is being demonstrated and introduced by Julep’s CEO, and another video here that’s just a tutorial (this 2nd one is very in-depth!). Honestly, it looks really easy to use (definitely rotates well) and apparently it’s weighted just right as well but that I wouldn’t be able to know unless I’ve held one and I haven’t, so we’ll need to take their word for it there!

The new wand fits onto any existing Julep Polish as well, which I guess makes sense since they’re of the same brand, however I need to confess that I’ve never tried a Julep polish! I’ve heard some good things about it though, anyone out there have any experience with it? I suppose it should be just as easy to use it with any other polish, I hope, as I can’t imagine re-hauling my entire polish collection just for a wand (smart marketing trick there though).

This just launched yesterday (hence why there’s been no posts about it till today), sadly for us in the UK it’s mostly only available on US Sephora (that does ship to the UK) and also on the Julep website itself here.



So, what are you thoughts? Yay or Nay?

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