Free Clinique Smart Custom Serum Sample

Hellooooo Everybody!

I’m back in London! As much as I travel a lot and am pretty used to it by now (I don’t even get jetlag) I do feel it takes a little something out of me every time I make a long trip away >_< I feel like I need time to rev up again, it’s pretty annoying! But in other news, there’s a great freebie today courtesy of Boots (like, my favourite drugstore ever) which is an absolutely free sample of Clinique’s new Smart Custom Serum.

So, what is the smart custom serum? Apparently, it’s bee developed after five years of research and has the amazing ability to understand your skin’s past and change its appearance in the future, reminds me of sci-fi and artificial intelligence to be honest. It  addresses the appearance of uneven skin tone, lines and wrinkles, firming, or radiance, which is a lot of claims all balled into one serum. I guess if we take its word for it, it’s probably the only serum you’d ever need, I’d take it all with a pinch of salt but that’s where a free sample comes in handy as you can try before you buy 😉

To get your free sample just fill in the form on the Boots webpage over here, it’s a pretty straight-forward form and you’ll get a 1.5ml sample sent to you by post. You’ll need an Advantage Card number to get this freebie but if you haven’t got one I’d totally recommend getting on now, Boots Advantage Points is by far one of the best loyalty card points schemes out there!

They’re giving out 10,000 samples but I predict these will go fast so act quick. Leave 28 days for delivery =)



Have you heard of the custom repair serum before?

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3 thoughts on “Free Clinique Smart Custom Serum Sample

  1. Thanks for this. I love to try before I buy and getting samples is like getting blood out of a stone. Clinique are very shady about their ingredients and don’t list them on their website which makes me think, what are they hiding? Hope this stuff is good. I got samples recently from your links (Smashbox primer, Vichy) and all thanks to you 🙂

    • I’m happy to hear your samples have come through! It’s a great feeling when they come in the post, isn’t it 🙂 😉 Argh, didn’t expect that Clinique one to run out so soon though, that is incredibly quick!

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