New Budget Makeup Brand – I ♡ Makeup

Hey Lovelies!

Very excited about this post and aren’t we all lucky to be living in such exciting times (okay, maybe I take makeup too seriously), just think about it, in just the past year the number of decent budget cosmetics brands have doubled! At least, it sure seems that way to me because I only knew of E.L.F. and MUA before (don’t they love their acronyms?) and then again, maybe E.L.F. doesn’t count because it’s only available onine. Then just a few months ago Makeup Revolution launched to much hype and fanfare, now it’s been barely that much longer and we have I ♡ Makeup!

Above are two of my favourite palettes from the brand, can you tell already that everything’s going to be kitchsy? Not that that’s a bad thing. Almost every other makeup palette that launches these days has that sleek black plastic casing, which is meant to look professional but obviously we know it’s just economical (and I definitely won’t complain when there’s amazing price points to be had as well!

I don’t profess to know about every single budget cosmetics brand out there (please feel free to tell me about more, I love a good bargain!) but what drew me to E.L.F. and MUA was that they had extremely low price-points (£1 for a lipstick? £4 for a palette?!) yet products that now and then got rave reviews. I’ve had some hits and misses with E.L.F. and have been very careful about reading all reviews about MUA before buying anything, but just the fact that the hits are there is nothing short of amazing to me because I used to think that cheap makeup will always be terrible but good makeup is just plain expensive.

Then Makeup Revolution came on the scene and because their availability at Superdrug is so low and I just don’t want to place a massive order yet (I’m a very cautious shopper) I haven’t even bought anything from them despite having been massively excited about their launch. And I must say, I love that they’ve been releasing product after product, there’s always something to buzz about. The dust had just started to settle from their Iconic eye palette range and now there’s already 18 (yes, eighteen) palettes in their Salvation range! Not to mention their Blush and Conceal palettes (each comes with 8 shades!!) … I know makeup-artists probably use better brands but I can’t think of a cheaper way to get such a comprehensive range of blush colours that are decent.

As if that wasn’t enough, this new brand I ♡ Makeup is actually a sister brand of Makeup Revolution. Which begs the question, why start a new brand, why not just release the products under the Makeup Revolution branding? In a sense, it feels more like an extremely comprehensive collection than a whole other brand (the I ♡ Makeup site is actually just a sub-site of the Makeup Revolution website). The only reason I can think of is that Makeup Revolution, while cheap and fun, seems to have an ethos that centres on providing loads of shades and colours at a budget that previously budget brands just don’t do wherease I ♡ Makeup is all about kitchsy packaging and the aesthetic.

I already know I don’t really need that palette with the huge heart on (there’s a purple one too!) but I just want it, both of them >_< as well as that chocolate one! I think they’d be perfect gifts to friends as well. Fun-looking, quirky-ish and kinda useful since there’s makeup in it! Just take a look at their statement they released on their Facebookk page!

Honestly, it’s a little ‘basic’ and ‘cheap’ looking, isn’t it? But it’s effective and sure gets the message across (expect a lot of hot pink).

From some online reviews the swatches of I ♡ Makeup seem to hold up pretty well, the quality would be at least as good as Makeup Revolution which I’ve heard is decent but occasionally more hit and occasionally more miss (as with any budget brand, or brand or that matter, right?). I love the review by British Beauty Blogger, very comprehensive (as are all her reviews) and one of the first to pop it up as well. Catch her review here and she’s said she has a few more swatch posts scheduled to go up Saturday so if you’re at all interested (why would you not be?!) do check back on her page again tomorrow.

Just as a final note, I’ve looked through all the products and I do feel for variety of shade and colour on a budget, Makeup Revolution must be one of the best brands out there. MUA and ELF both do some great stuff but not on the scale Makeup Revolution does. How does I ♡ Makeup stack up then? Personally, I wonder if some of the formulations aren’t just Makeup Revolution ones re-packaged in a new way (especially the eye-shadows, since there’s so many of them). So the way I’m looking at it is… if I want really lovely packaging on a budget, or a great looking gift,  I ♡ Makeup is the one for me. Which is saying a lot for a budget brand because they tend to have pretty uninspiring packaging! It’s also saying a lot because I almost never  buy anything for the packaging, I’m way too parsimonious for that, but just £7.99 for the palette with the chunky pink heart on it?? Sold!

On to boring facts… I ♡ Makeup is already available in some parts of Europe and will be available in Superdrug in the UK soon (Superdrug get all the budget brands, don’t they? It’s the only reason I ever go in there!). I’m holding out hopes there’ll be a Makeup Revolution or I ♡ Makeup free delivery promo at some point, which is when I’ll order everything I have my eye on!

Check out the site for yourself here.



What are your favourite budget brands?

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