Quick Bargain Alert – Nails Inc Brazil Brights Set

Hello from Singapore!

Hmm, there’s seem to be a dearth of good beauty freebies recently, sorry for the blog-drought, I might be posting more reviews and such instead to make up for it (but where did all the freebies go, is it a summer thing?!).

If you’ve been following the Brazil World Cup 2014 with bated breath (contrary to what a lot of media seem to be saying, women do watch football…) or whether you’re just a fan of amazingly bright nail colours, this bargain alert from Nails Inc is for you! There’s 500 sets of these available going for £18 each, Nails Inc polishes are usually £11 (I feel it’s a good polish but no polish is worth £11 to me!) so it’s a great deal, as it’s technically worth £66.

Personally, I think these colours are far too bright for me, although who knows I might change my mind one day. The only shade I think I do like a lot is the lovely peachy pink one on the top row and the one I feel is one I’d never in a million nails want on my nails is that bright, bright yellow, just don’t like it! The rest are okay-maybe-just-today kinda shades for me but I can see why they’d be great for summer if you like that sort of thing. As you can see, the orange neon and the teal emerald are both new shades.

And even if you don’t, maybe a friend will. I always flag up that deals like these would make for amazing stocking fillers come Christmas or just good if you’re putting together little gift packages for friends (like, say, a polish, a lippie and an eyeshadow mono in cute little packaging, that’d make a good gift under £10 if you shop right!).

This deal went live at 5pm today and can be found here while stocks last. Do be quick if you love it but if you’re umm-ing and ahh-ing don’t worry about it as Nails Inc do a lot of nail bundle sets, I remember posting about such deals before quite a bit!

They do have a few other collections available on the site so have a shop around even if Brazil Brights isn’t up your street. Soft Focus, Glow On and Blossom are all more to my preference as they all feature gentle, pastel and light shades, very subtle and pretty on the nail. For a more stunning nail for the evenings try Party Tricks (really very pretty!!), if you like your nails summary and bright but just not so neon try Pastel Power and if you just can’t decide between a nude or a neon… why not Neon & Nude (genius combination, that). Neon & Nude is a collection of minis though, fyi, not full sizes! Most of the ones I’ve pointed out are full sizes but a few other collections aren’t so check before buying just in case you wanted fulls.

Worth noting that standard delivery costs £3.95, or it’s free for orders above £40 (that’s a high minimum threshold I feel!).




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