Monday Munchies – Free Yo Sushi Handroll, Warburtons Bread and McDonald’s Iced Smoothie

Happy Monday lovelies!

This is going to have to be short because I’m writing this late Sunday night (early Monday morning?) but I’m flying off to Singapore again Monday afternoon (for a variety of reasons, ostensibly a friend’s wedding this Saturday). Am only gone a week this time so it feels a bit of a rushed trip and there’s so much going on in London too at the moment >_< eep! But anyhoo, on to the freebies, the best of which I think has to be the free sushi handroll from Y0 Sushi!

Sushi has got to be one of my absolute favourite foods in the world but it’s not exactly cheap, dilemma! So free sushi or sushi at a discount or even just sushi buffets (the boyfriend and I are a big fan of the Hi Sushi all you can eat buffets!) are always extremely welcome. To cut the long story short, YO! Sushi has teamed up with the Japan National Tourism Organization, ANA and some fantastic hotels in Japan to give away two great prize trips to Japan and they’re holding a giveaway which also has lots of runner-up prizes. What I’m interested in, though, is that regardless of whether you win or not, you’ll get an email with a code to claim an entirely free sushi handroll!! =D

Just sign up at this form here =)

In other news, Warburtons has done gluten free bread, which is probably good news for those who are gluten intolerant, there’s not enough affordable options out there! Better news is that you can nab yourself a sample free pack with this form here, it’s a pretty lengthy form but straight-forward. They’ll mail your sample (in your preference of white or brown bread). I’ve never got bread in the mail before! Am intrigued to see what it’ll be like? Would it just be a slice through the post or a whole loaf in a parcel? Fascinating.


Finally, you would be already familiar with the McCafe/McDonalds app that I’ve written about before. If not, do download it as they often run their promotions/free vouchers on it. The latest is a free smoothie or frappe (in the summer spirit) but you’ll need to play a little game and sing for it, sounds fun and there’s a free drink at the end of it, enjoy!



What is your favourite food?

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