June 2014 Magazine Freebies Part 2 – The Nail Edition!

Hi All!

Did you enjoy yesterday’s bumper crop of magazine freebies? 😉 There’s really is a lot going on this month, isn’t there? In fact, apparently I missed out that Tatler is also giving away sunglasses, they’re designer apparently and you can choose from 3 different styles available. Hmm, am not very drawn by free sunnies in general, beauty definitely floats my boat far more.

Anyway, today’s all about the amazing nail freebies that you can find in this month’s magazines (July 2014 editions), I was severely tempted multiple times!


Red July 2014 Edition with Free Mavala Nail Polish

Red July 2014 Edition with Free Mavala Nail Polish

Usual Mag Price: £4.00


Mavala Nail Polish, 4 colours to choose from, worth £4.30 each.

Is it worth it:

Price-wise this one is cutting it close, isn’t it? £4 is rather pricey for a mag in my view, I don’t see how I’d ever buy it sans freebie! Better to see this freebie as you buying a bottle of the polish and getting a free magazine with it…


Mavala seems to get relatively good reviews all round, so at least you know you’re not getting a cheap bottle of polish you’d hate using. I’d say go for this if you like the colours, click on the picture above for a larger view and you can see the 4 colours are Waikiki Orange (bright orange), Moscow (classic red), Trinidad (bright royal blue) and Wichita (pinky nude). All these are colours that are very on-trend for this summer, especially the blue and the orange, beach-holiday nails for sure! I prefer muted shades so I’d go with the nude except I already have a nude I love (Nails Inc Sao Paulo Streets free with the May 2014 issue of InStyle! See post about that here).

Would I get it?

Nope, just because there isn’t a colour I want and it’s a little pricey to just buy it for the heck of it. These are some seriously on-trend brights though so if you like it, go for it!

Harper’s Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar July 2014 with free Leighton Denny Nail Polish

Harper’s Bazaar July 2014 with free Leighton Denny Nail Polish

Usual Mag Price: £4.20


Free Leighton Denny nail polish, there’s 6 colours to choose from, RRP £11.

Is it worth it:

Oop, another pricey mag here! I’d consider it a good deal except I got the Nails Inc polish I mentioned above (also worth £11) with a £2.50 copy of InStyle (£3.90 usually but always on offer in Tesco).


Again, another well-performing polish, which is great, nothing worse than streaky polish that just doesn’t go on nicely! Great choice of colours I’d say, 6 colours is a lot, and they are 3 Times A Lady (pale pastel pink), Supermodel (dark nude), Viva La Diva (hot red!), Best Seller (shimmering burgundy), Plush Pink (bright pink), Lollipop (bright purply pink). Again, click on the picture above to see the colours in detail (sorry about the terrible glare on the magazine itself but I guess we’re more interested in the polishes here, huh? Lol. I’d say that the Viva La Diva shade is probably the most on-trend summer colour in this line-up, if you like your muted/nude colours head for the 3 Times A Lady or Supermodel if you’ve a darker skin-tone (would be the perfect nude for a dark skin-tone actually!). My personal favourite might have to be Bestseller (what a great name) just because it looks so classy.

Would I get it?

Nope, again, just feel like I don’t ‘need’ any of the colours? Not enough to spend over £4 for it!

Marie Claire

Marie Claire July 2014 with Free Ciate Manicure Set

Marie Claire July 2014 with Free Ciate Manicure Set

Usual Mag Price: £3.90 (but as you can see from the pic it was on offer for £2.50 in Tesco!)


Ciate Mini Caviar Manicure Kit, there’s a choice of 6 different colour options and the set is worth £10.

Is it worth it:

For £2.50, this is a steal. So I’m kind of saving what I feel is the best deal for last (like yesterday’s Eyeko liners hehe). You’re basically getting a discount of about 75%!


Ciate is known for their very unique manicures (I think they were the first to come up with ‘caviar’ nails, right?), including feathers and the latest crushed shells, so this is a very unique freebie indeed! Also, from what I hear of those who’ve swatched/tried this, it’s not that hard to do (I’d have thought it’d be a terrible mess) and lasts longer than you’d expect (I’d expect my nails to go 15 minutes tops if I had little balls stuck to them…). Obviously, it’s also a very striking look! The shades are Sunset Shimmer (bright red), Fairy Dust (lilac), Peach Fizz (peach/pastel coral and gold), Party Punch (light hot pink), Starry Night (baby blue with dark caviar), Purple Rain (grey-purple with dark purple caviar). Apologies, you can really see the shade options from the picture so pop over to the Marie Claire page here for more info plus pictures and even a mani video =)

Would I get it?

I’m sorely tempted by this! It just looks so different and £2.50 is a steal… also I love a lot of the base shades (purple rain and peach fizz particularly) but I just know the caviar thing would annoy me and would stand out for too much for me to be comfortable with my nails. I’d be self-concious and just feel it’s in the way all the time. Oh well, not meant to be, but definitely a great deal, thanks Marie Claire! I might just pick up a few sets for gifts =)

And that’s all for freebies this month, I think, lol. Enjoy!



Did you spot any other mag freebies this month? =)

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