Monday Munchies – Gin and Tonic, Kozel Beer and Cookie Crisp

Good Morning Everyone!

And it’s another Monday, goodness the weeks just fly by. So here’s another Monday Munchies, although it’s more like ‘drinkies’ than munchies today, says a lot about your week if you feel you need to kick it off with a pint or a G & T doesn’t it? Haha. Although the weather’s been lovely so it’s a great time to get a pint in the sun after work or Pimms on the grass. Speaking of which, some of us did an impromptu picnic in Regent’s Park after church yesterday, it was so relaxing, highly recommended. But anyway, lots of free food and drink vouchers for you today, including pints of Kozel Beer, Gin and Tonic and some money off vouchers for Cookie Crisp cereal =D

First of all, Kozel Beer, which I must admit to not having heard of but it is a voucher for 2 free pints which sounds nice, you can bring a friend along! Apparently it’s the Czech’s best selling premium lager, worth a try if it’s free. To get your’s you first need to download the Kozel Pint Finder app which you can find here, then you need to open that app (duh) and it’ll show you the locations of the pubs near you that offer the deal. You can also find a list of participating pubs here.

When you’re within 200m of the venue, you can download a voucher for the pints in-app and you’ll need to use that voucher within 20 minutes (if you miss the time no worries, you can download another voucher but that’s subject to availability). Sounds a little confusing but it’s straight forward really. The promotion is running from 22/5/14 – 10/7/14, so you do still have some time, but there’s only 13,000 pints available to be claimed, which sounds like a lot but we do love our pints, so if you’re at all interested worth having a look asap to avoid disappointment.

Next, a true British summer pleaser, is complimentary Gin and Tonic 25ml (doesn’t sound much, is that much?) but subject to a minimum £5 spend so this is one to keep in mind when you’re already planning an evening out at the pub. This offer is by Escape to the Pub and is only valid at their pubs (list of participating pubs and details of the promotion can be found here). You can download/print out the voucher itself here. Note you can only redeem one voucher per visit and this offer expires 16th June so earlier than the Kozel Beer one.

Finally, the money off voucher for Cookie Crisp cereals, definitely not the healthiest of cereals but I kinda think all the little mini cookies are adorable. You’ll need to like the Cookie Crisp Facebook page here, then you can download the voucher and print it out, there’s 5000 available and you can use it for Cookie Crisp or Cookie Crisp Brownie =)

Well that’s it for this week’s Monday Munchies, very unhealthy, full of sugary cereal and alcohol, haha, enjoy your week!



Have you enjoyed the sun yet?

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