Best Buy [Nail Polish] – Sally Hansen Double Duty

Hello Lovelies!

Writing this late Wednesday night because I need to be out of London at 7am for work >_< it’s a long commute for me tomorrow and a long day too, eep, not looking forward to it! But that aside, here’s something I’ve bought that I’ve wanted to share for a long time because results have been great and I also decided I’d launch a new ‘series’ of sorts, a Best Buy series where I share products that I think have been worth every penny and beyond. Even if a particular product isn’t for you I do think it’d make a perfect gift!

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat

So today we have the Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat! I picked it up from Boots the other day as there was a 3 for 2 offer on and I needed to buy a few things as a gift for a friend so I thought… why not? This was basically my ‘free’ item. I already loved that it states it’s both a base and a top coat in the name, you already know it’s a dual-use product so it feels like a two-for-one deal, win!

Side-track to note that I’m personally amazed I’m doing a ‘nail post’, these are the longest my nails have ever been because I’m a serial-nail-biter and have been since the day I can recall having memory… then one day, a month or so ago, I just up and decided I’d try to stop and did my nails to basically make myself stop. If I can see even a sliver of nail I get tempted to bite it, so I kind of need to keep my polish chip free (comes from years of obsessing over biting the nails down I suppose). So yes, that’s where I decided I needed a top coat (and still can’t believe I’m talking about nail products of all things!).

I’ve also heard that repeatedly changing nail colours makes nails weaker and more brittle mainly because of the effect of the nail polish remover, I didn’t want that as biting them already made them a little weaker than the average nail and I was hoping that having polish on would keep them firmer, if that makes sense? So to avoid changing nail colours too much, I wanted a good top coat to maintain the finish. Plus, a base coat, to protect the nail from discolouration. It’s such an added bonus that this particular base/top coat also is meant to strengthen the nail, hurrah!

But all those claims aside, I have no idea if it’s really strengthening my nail as I don’t really have a way to test that short-term, but I can attest to the fact that it’s a fantastic base coat. I don’t know what it is about it but it seems to ‘grip’ the polish and aid you in painting it on smoothly, less lumps and weird craggy bumps! The finish is a nice shine, not terribly high-shine, but the best thing about it is it lasts forever. I kid you not, I can make my nails last almost 2 weeks with this top coat on and my nails get a lot of battering on the keyboard every day, it hits 2 weeks if I bother to re-apply the top coat. As proof, both the picture above and the one below is taken a week and 3 days after I applied that nail varnish. You can sorta see it beginning to show at the edges but isn’t that a great length of time to go without a chip?! I don’t know, I haven’t done my nails in years (last time was when I last tried to kick my nail biting habit…), maybe nail varnishes have just improved in quality since then? But I think it’s the amazing base and top coat, haha.

Kiko Cornflower Blue

Kiko Cornflower Blue

So, the  Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat retails at Boots for £5.25 but you can also find it at Feel Unique for around £4ish and even less on eBay. Definitely worth picking up, it’ll make your other polishes all last so much longer after all. If you’re not a nail fanatic, maybe hold off getting it till you can take advantage of a 3 for 2 at Boots or the Summer Advantage Points event =)

By the way, the nail colour is Cornflower Blue by Kiko, it was around £1.20 I believe (on sale), would thoroughly recommend it as well but not as fanatically, lol. Lovely colour, isn’t it? Also, I’m quite lucky that somehow it matched the lid of the Sally Hansen base/top coat bottle so the top picture came out lovely but it looks nothing like the shade in the bottom picture (yet it’s the same polish). Lighting is crazy.



What are your top nail buys?

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2 thoughts on “Best Buy [Nail Polish] – Sally Hansen Double Duty

  1. I will try that! I don’t wear nail varnish anymore because it chips too easily and end up having to redo every 2nd day but this stuff sounds like a saviour.
    Love the idea of a Best Buy series. Can’t wait 🙂

    • Aww, thanks!

      I’m always worried about recommending products because I’m afraid they won’t be as amazing for others as they are for me, but I hope these buys will be as ‘best’ to everyone else as they are to me, haha!

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