Quick Lil Deal Alert – Pantene Pro-V Dry Oil Sample

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick deal update =) Supersavvyme are giving away free Pantene Pro-V Dry Oil samples, they only have 100 to give away but they’re giving away full-sized samples not dinky little sachets so that’s pretty neat!

If you haven’t heard of Pro-V, it’s Pantene’s most well-known and successful range and it’s short for ‘pro vitamins’ as it’s the formula is one that’s meant to help give extra nourishment to your hair to keep it nice and healthy. What’s a dry oil then? Surely ‘dry’ and ‘oil’ together is a bit of an oxymoron?! The difference is, a ‘dry’ oil has been formulated to be extra light, you just need to spritz this oil into your hair to help give it extra nourishment but it won’t make your hair look lanky. Apparently this targets frizziness in hair above anything else, so something to look out for if you’ve hair that likes to go frizzy at the first sign of damp!

To enter for your freebie, you need to be registered to SuperSavvyMe, after that it’s a simple case of just clicking the ‘Enter Now’ link on this page. Note, you can enter once per dayThis is a little confusing because they don’t have 100 to give out every day so I took a peek at the T & C’s and it’s a little more complicated than that:

The competition period is 1st June through 30th June, 2014, with 3 winners each day from 1st June to 20th June, 2014 inclusive, and 4 winners each day from 21st June to 30th June inclusive. Each day the competition opens at 1201 a.m. and closes at 1200 p.m. midnight.

Confusing, right? Basically it seems you’ve slightly more chance if you enter especially between the 21st till the 30th, haha. What I like about this is that you basically find out straightaway if you win or not, so no time wasting there!

Good luck, do tell me if you win, will be rooting for you!



Have you tried a ‘dry oil’ before?

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