Some Freebies for Men (Father’s Day?)

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s a little different as it’s some freebie deals for men (and I get the feeling most of us on here are girls?). I’ve a free sample of Lab Series’ Pro LS All-In-One Face Treatment for men as well as a free personalised Wilkinson’s Sword Hydro-5 Razor, I’ve flagged up the Wilkinson’s deal before, it’s one of those deals that seems to recur now and again and every single time I get one, I’ve gotten one for my boyfriend and one for my dad, they love it, I think the fact that you can personalise it and put their name on it makes it an extra-extra special gift (which doesn’t actually cost a thing!).


The name goes right in the middle of the razor (you’ve got 12 characters, I suggest not putting down ‘kissy rascal’ if it’s for your dad… and if you get one for the boyfriend and another for the dad, do not mix them up…), check out my old post for a picture of what I received, they’re giving away 20,000 of these (which is loads!) so chances are high in getting your hands on one. The only thing is it takes up to 28 days to get your’s so Father’s Day will be long over by then.

To get your freebie, just ‘like’ their Facebook page and then fill in the form, very straightforward =)

Next is Lab Serie’s Pro LS All-In-One Face Treatment for men, we don’t see a lot about men’s skincare usually so this is rare! It’s meant to be an all-in-one face treatment that moisturises, repairs, mattifies and also soothes. Skincare made easy apparently, I guess they figured men won’t be as happy to faff around with lots of different pots and tubes of skincare like us girls do? I’m not sure if I’d find an all-in-one treatment convenient (ie for travelling) or a little boring (lol). Anyway, click here for a 2ml sample, they have 10,000 to give away but it seems it’s pretty popular to act quick and just check back now and again if they run out.

Important thing to note about ‘men’s skincare’ is that there’s absolutely no reason why we girls can’t use it as well, in terms of ingredients it’s actually almost exactly the same! Except men’s skincare is a little cheaper (tsk!) and tend to smell less floral and are usually packaged in blue/gray/black. Otherwise, absolutely useable for women too. So if you get your hands on a 2ml sample of this and you’re a woman, feel free to use it on your face anyway, I mean, is soothing/moisturising/repairing/mattifying a male-only skincare concern? Quite the opposite if anything, haha.



What have you planned for Father’s Day?

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