FeelUnique Unique Treats Finale – 3 Offers

Hello Everyone!

I know you’ve probably spotted my last post about the FeelUnique series of Unique Treats this month, that was the one about the 100 products for £1, sadly we’ve come to the end of Unique Treats but on this final day today FeelUnique have brought out three offers all together, so there should be something that floats your boat.

Unique Treats FinaleSo today’s post is very self explanatory really! FeelUnique are offering the following 3 deals: gift with purchase, 50% off selected products and 3 for 2 on an edit of top brands =) However, I just checked and it seems the 3 for 2 isn’t available, probably because it isn’t up yet or there’s an error? Anyway, keep checking back though!

The free gifts with purchase deal is on a spend of £60, so not low at all =S Details can be found here and I do think you can still claim this even if you take advantage of the other offers for today. You can only choose one though and if I had a choice I’d go with the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, heard great things about it!

The 50% off is my favourite, it features products from skincare to makeup and a lot of good brands are in there, worth having a browse here if you’ve something you need to stock up on.

However, the 3 for 2 edit seems to be the most versatile as you can choose from products that range across Skin, Hair, Makeup, Fragrance, Body, Sun & Tanning, Men’s and Healthy Living departments. Lowest value will be free, find it here.

Enjoy and I hope you get some great deals!



Did you spot any good bargains?

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