The Body Shop Voucher Code [Plus Some]

Hello All!

Officially back from my long weekend away in York, which was lovely. It feels very country-side-y compared to the cement terrors of London and I really like spending time with my boyfriend’s family, I feel quite lucky that his parents/sister are so sweet because I always hear that they can be nightmares sometimes (okay, so maybe ‘Meet the Fockers’ aren’t an accurate representation of real life). Anyway, back with a great discount code for the much-loved The Body Shop plus a few other codes that I actually found on the MoneySavingExpert website, so I will be directing you to the MSE website instead for those (to be fair).

I’ve actually been reading quite a few reviews of amazing Bodyshop skincare recently, and have also been researching a bit more than usual because I’m also on the hunt for some new skincare because I’m running out of essentials (eg. coming to the end of my cleanser/moisturiser/creams). I really try not to buy anything before I finish what I already have (unless what I have is devastating my face but if you do your research, normally you love what you’ve bought!) so it feels like a treat when I get to re-stock again, do recommend any of your skincare loves to me! Anyway, in my search I stumbled across this great Body Shop code:

Say what?! =O I think that’s a fantastic deal!

If you can’t see the image for whatever reason, basically you get 30% off for buying 2 items and 40% off for 4 items with the use of the code SKIN, this code can be used online or instore as well, just show the code on the Body Shop homepage on your phone. 40% is nearly 50%… which is a deal-cincher for me.

Code’s not applicable on sale items or other offers (to be expected really) and will last till Tuesday the 3rd of June, so you’ve awhile to use it yet (use it this coming weekend if anything!).

I’ll probably end up going for just the 2 item deal because I don’t want to have to worry about getting 4 items I might not want but I have to say of all stores the Body Shop might be the best to hit 4 items with. I’ve recently run out of my favourite ELF lip balm and have been using up a tub of Body Shop’s lip butter (I had one laying around and wanted to finish it first), I almost forgot how lovely and useful those are! Those and the body butters, which are a must for those who like to moisturise their arms/legs (I don’t, just fyi, lol). There’s also shower gels/shampoos (though I find Boots has better deals on these with various brands) and of course the make-up (don’t just chuck something in your basket on impulse though, have a think about what you need for summer maybe?).

Best thing is, things like lip/body butters/bath gels don’t really go off that quickly, so you can always stock up for future (I do that when a good offer rolls around) or you can buy a present for someone ahead of their birthday/Christmas, Body Shop gift sets are one of the most versatile gifts in the world.

Last but not least… team up with a friend to hit 4 items, haha, that’s what friends are for!

If you check out the MSE webpage here there’s other amazing codes that I stumbled across when researching into the Body Shop one. I love the MSE Blagged codes, which are codes exclusive to MSE (thank youuuu!). My favourite has to be the extra 25% off the M&S Outlet store, great if you’re looking for some summer-time essentials.

Happy Body Shopping!



What skincare would you recommend? =)

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