Monday Munchies – Free Teamongers, Redbush Tea, Pimms and Cocoa

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!

So, this weekend I’m actually away in York, one of my favourite places in the world (many happy memories from there!), all updates were done before I left of course, hehe, apologies if it’s a little ‘sparse’. Today sees the return of Monday Munchies which I apologise for being a little slack on lately, weekends tend to be pretty hectic for me since Saturday is often filled with work so Monday is often a ‘down-time’ day, at least I try to plan it that way because we all need our me-time (even God had a holiday, didn’t He?). I’ve free tea for you as well as free pimms and cocoa!

First freebie is from Redbush tea which I actually remember getting a freebie from a long time back… guess they’re doing it again, hurrah, because the tea was lovely! Now, isn’t tea kind of one of the things we always need around the house? That’s why I love tea freebies, always useful and it just feels so luxurious have a variety of teas around you (without having to buy like 10 boxes of various flavours when you know half won’t be used most of the time!!). Request your sample here, there’s also an option to complete a longer survey to be entered into a prize draw but that’s not necessary, the samples will be one Original Redbush and one Redbush Citrus (one teabag, not one box – we wish!).

Next is another tea giveaway from TeaMonger, coincidentally another one I vaguely remember requesting but like in February?! Maybe there’s a season for tea companies to give away teabags? Anyway, this one is very exciting because you get to choose your tea, if you remember I’ve blogged about this and the exciting tea flavours before but I’m so excited it’s back. I love how they give their teas indepth descriptions as well. Here’s the one for Marzipan Dream – If you’ve ever had marzipan, a candy confection made from almonds, you know it’s amazing. What you may not know is how delicious it is with caramel. Add apples, coconut and cinnamon, and you’ve got a seriously decadent herbal tisane.

Click here to get your Teamonger samples, you get to choose 3.

Next, lovely freebie from Pitcher & Piano (a chain of bar/pub type restaurants). Just sign up to their newsletter here before the month is out and they should email you a voucher for a free drink of Pimms! Perfect for the lovely weather we’re currently experiencing.

Enter to win a year of beauty and chocolate!

Last but not least, a little giveaway from Birchbox and Cocoa Runners. If you haven’t heard of Cocoa Runners (I hadn’t!) it’s basically a monthly subscription box just like Birchbox but instead of beauty they send out monthly boxes of artisan chocolate… whow. Like Graze but just chocolate. Just high-class, luxury, probably dark, chocolate. O_O I honestly can’t tell if it’d be good or bad for me. There’s only one prize up for grabs but it’s a pretty sweet one (no pun intended), that’s a year’s subscription to both Birchbox and Cocoa Runners. I don’t think I could ever justify my own personal expense to those two boxes (definitely far into the ‘luxury’ and not ‘necessity’ category there!! And mystery boxes aren’t really for me to be honest, I like to know what I’m buying) but of course if it’s free that’s another story… click here to enter.

If you need help… it’s not true that dark chocolate is good for dogs. In fact, chocolate of any kind is generally very, very bad for animals, it’s like a serious poison to them. I once told this to a friend who was cooing about feeding chocolate to squirrels in a park and she got so depressed, which made me feel terrible, but am still glad I told her or she may be still unintentionally killing cute little animals by chocolate! You have till June 6th to enter.

Have fun with the free food/giveaway!




What Teamongers flavours did you request?

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