FeelUnique Treats – 100 for £1

Thank God It’s Friday!

And there’s also a lovely treat from FeelUnique today to really mark the kick-off to the weekend =) Some of you may already have been following this but basically Feel Unique (an online retailer of skincare, makeup, haircare, fragrance… well, beauty, basically) have launched FeelUnique Treats for the month of May, so they’ve been offering a new ‘treat’ (aka offer) every day for the whole month of may and each offer is only valid for a day. Today’s treat is particularly special – they’ve put 100 products on their site for just £1 each! Great bargain, though note that you can only buy 1 product per person (understandably, I guess).

Unique Treats 100 for 1

If you’ve missed most of the Unique Treats this month, not to worry, to be honest I do feel the temptation of buying something just because it’s on offer sometimes outweighs the ‘savings’, unless there’s a particular product you’ve been itching to buy, in which case it’s worth following offers on the off-chance it pops up on discount.

So, how today’s treat works is that the products that have been slashed to just £1 are dotted about the Feel Unique site, probably in the hopes of luring you to buy other products along the way (lol). The best way to scout them out is really to have to view the products section by section (ie. skincare > moisturisers, or makeup > eyes) because that’s how they’re categorised, and then to list the products from price Low to High (obviously). The £1 offers will be right at the top then.

There are some very decent finds to have, even if you don’t want anything yourself I’d say picking up the Twilight palette that’s on offer or a one of the sets is worth it if you can think of someone who’d love to receive as a gift, perhaps in preparation for their birthday or even Christmas (planning/buying ahead can save you a lot!).

The deal runs out at midnight but be warned that some of the products seem to already have been sold out, and it’s still only morning >_< crazy! Also, it seems most of the foundation products for £1 are only for darker shades, so watch out for that too. Sometimes the product is on offer but only for selected shades. Just a heads-up to avoid disappointment later.

All in all though, still a great bargain and you can bag a steal (remember you still need to pay shipping, so do factor that in. Might as well buy something that’s been slashed a lot to get to £1 to really make it worth your money then). It’s only one product a person but I’m sure you can rope in friends/significant others to help you get more 😉 Check it out on the Feel Unique website here.

Happy searching/shopping!



What bargains have you spotted?

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4 thoughts on “FeelUnique Treats – 100 for £1

  1. hi, i missed this amazing offer! i cant believe it! could you tell me what were the products(or if i can find a list of them)? at least i want to know what i missed… ssooooooooobb!

    • Aww! If it’s any consolation there’s still some Unique Treat days, something better might come up. Also, it seems like the items were really low in stock and sold out very fast.

      I can’t remember all the items and they didn’t list it anywhere (you had to trawl the site for it, lol) but I do recall a lot of nail varnish, 1 makeup brush, some Kinara skin care, a Yes to Carrots face mask, some Stila, a few Twilight makeup merchandise… And that’s honestly all I can recall right now >_<


      • omg perfect, thank you so much! i knew it was a “treasure hunt”, as they said, but maybe you or others found something to give me an idea of which brands or kind of products were involved. thank you so much, you gave me the perfect answer and infos! i am a little comforted by the low stock point but, fudge, i missed something.
        thank you again and let’s hope for a future great offer! -even if i have little left on my card.. fudge again.

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