Beauty Giveaways: L’Oreal, Clarisonic, La Roche-Posay, Dove

Morning Everyone!

As you know, I don’t really like to post about giveaways. I have an intense dislike for someone sending me a link that says ‘Free xyz’ and then finding out it’s not actually ‘free xyz’ but ‘chance to win 1 of 10 xyz so you probably won’t get it’. My face goes like this => -_- So when I do post about giveaways I prefer to do a big bumper post about loads of giveaways at a go, I feel as a reader you’re getting more ‘value’ for your read. Note, if you’re interested at all in these giveaways, apply now because 3 of them close today.

First giveaway is by Dove, featuring the Dove Beauty Bar, a soap that’s made of ¼ moisturising cream (that’s a lot!)so it doesn’t dry your skin like other soap products do. That’s pretty important actually, especially for the drying summer months when we all spend too long out under the sun than we should in the hopes of getting a tan or just soaking up summer sun-rays. Fill out your details at their Facebook page here for the chance to win 1 of 200 beauty bars, thisgiveaway closes at 11:59pm today

The next one is a giveaway has a prize that I think will only be useful for Clarisonic users – Clarisonic Deep Pore Brush Head, Deep Pore Daily Cleanser and Decongesting Clay Mask. Though I suppose even without the Clarisonic itself you can use the cleanser and clay mask? In any case, this is by Debenham’s Beauty Club who are looking for 30 testers to test out the new Clarisonic Deep Pore cleansing range. Fill out the form here, this also ends today at 11:59pm. This form is slightly longer to fill, you also need to write a few words about why you want to review the system plus state whether you’d be willing to do a Youtube review.

Free Clarisonic Deep Pore Skincare

Next up, another giveaway that also ends today at 11:59pm, is the La Roche-Posay giveaway hosted by Latest in Beauty. I can’t quite make out what all the products they’re giving away are but it’s basically a comprehensive skincare routine, ideal for summer, and worth up to £70. Very straightforward form, just fill it out here (you’ll need to ‘like’ that Facebook page first).

Last but not least, a makeup giveaway to stir things up and this one doesn’t actually end today, it ends on the 15th of June at midnight, but if you’re interested might as well enter now or I guarantee you’ll forget! It’s by L’Oreal and it’s a L’Oréal Paris Contouring Kit including Nude Magique Blur Cream, Lumi Magique Highlighting Primer, GlamBronze Mono and True Match Blush. So really, it’s not a ‘contour kit’ so much as them cleverly putting together L’Oreal products that would work to give you a lovely contoured face (very creative there). There are 100 of these up for grabs in various shades.

So that’s it for today’s bumper edition of giveaways! My top tip is always to create a secondary email account for ‘spam’ or ‘less important’ emails that you can use to fill in such giveaway forms, because you don’t want to be trawling through a massive load of promotional emails when you’re just trying to grab that important email from a friend, do you?

Good luck everyone!


Have you won a giveaway before?

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