BBB Dream Box Giveaway + Update

Happy Mid-Week!

So, it’s Wednesday huh? Far enough away for the last weekend to feel a bit like a dream but too far from the next weekend to be in TGIF mode! So just yesterday the BBB released news of her latest BBB Beauty Box 3, the Dream Box. I actually dithered over getting it because I though, ‘ooo well there’s plenty of stock this time, maybe an extra coupon code will pop up if I wait because LiB does those sometimes’ but then early today I thought, ‘I do want this box’ so I just bought it… and thank goodness because now it’s sold out, just how quick is that?!

BBB Promo image

I only found out because I’ve been following the comments on the BBB’s original post about her Dream Box (see her post here and mine here), but in true BBB fashion Jane is very on-the-ball with updates and there’s already an update post about the box selling out (definitely check out her update post, there’s a picture of all the boxes packed up and ready for shipping in the LiB warehouse, for some reason it was very amusing to me to consider that those humble looking packages were the cause of an internet buying furore). There were 2000 boxes this time, I think about 4 times the number from last BBB box? We’ll be needing 5 times that amount next time I’m thinking to cope with the crazy buzz that’s seriously growing exponentially with each successful box!

To make sure I got the facts straight, I did pop over to the LiB website the moment I heard news the box was sold out just to verify the fact and sadly, yes it is, but the good news is LiB is also giving away 5 BBB Dream Boxes to 5 lucky winners! Which is sweet of them (Jane posts a link to this in her own post as well).

It’s a completely random giveaway, the answer to the question is definitely and without a doubt British Beauty Blogger (dare I say the box wouldn’t have been near as popular if it had been put together by any of the other two?) and it’s simple and quick just to fill in your name, email and a short ‘prove-you-are-not-a-robot-math-question’, find it here.

You have till 11.59pm on June the 6th to try your luck at this giveaway, open to UK entrants only and only one entry per person, winners will be notified by email a week after the closing date of the competition (so say the 2nd week of June). All the best to those out there who didn’t manage to buy one, who knows, you may be able to nab one for free??

Good Luck!


Did you get one before it sold out?

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