Dream Beauty Box – BBB Beauty Box 3

Hello Lovelies!

Sorry today’s post has come up a bit late, to be honest the offerings on truly good freebies/bargains is a bit slim pickings these couple of days. I do have a huge backlog of personal posts I could do (couple of new makeup storage purchases, new nail colour, KIKO haul, mini Boots haul, a couple of bargain-buy websites, eep the list goes on!!) but I’ve been a little too lazy to write those up. Bad, bad blogger! Thankfully, an amazing bit of news has just come through to my inbox that has just settled for sure my post for today, I could not not post about this and I couldn’t wait a second longer either just in case it sells out… I’m talking about the amazing British Beauty Blogger Beauty Box Number 3, the BBB Dream Box!

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Now, I hate to be an enabler but I do feel this is a great bargain. If you’re been around on this blog long enough you probably read my over-excited post announcing the BBB Beauty Box 2 and as a testament to just how amazing that box was just read my review on the BBB BB 2 here. As you can see, that was a packed box if there ever was one but apparently this next box is going to be even more packed!

I must say, I was really pleased with the products I received in the last box. To be utterly honest, not everything is a ‘necessity’, I could go without skincare that’s as amazing and can do great with budget makeup, so I do label these boxes as a bit of a ‘treat’ but if you’re due for a self-treat or if there’s even a single product in there that you’d like to try out, do get it! For a super-budget person like me, the BBB Boxes are the only way I’d ever have used/owned products like from REN, Urban Decay … the list goes on.

As you know, I’m very very picky and I hate to be a consumer that’s been duped by marketing but I think if there’s one box you should buy over any other, it should be the BBB boxes – they also only come out on average twice a year, so it’s not too hard on the wallet. Major plus as well – you know what products you’ll be getting beforehand! That’s one thing that really stops me getting beauty boxes, I would like to know what I’m buying?! I know the concept is that you try new stuff you wouldn’t have tried before but, um, that’s what I feel beauty blogs and free samples are for these days – maybe I’m being a spoilt consumer but surely in a recession it would be a consumer’s market?

Sorry, I digressed! Some of you might have remembered the manic madness of the rush to buy the last 2 BBB Beauty Boxes, both of which were sold out before you could even say ‘BritishBeautyBlogger’. Well, this time she’s teamed up with Latest in Beauty, a beauty box site known for some of their amazing Beauty Box Collections (picky me has yet to purchase one yet though so this will be my inaugural purchase!), so there’ll be a lot more boxes available. I almost had a heart-attack (exaggeration much) when I read the BBB’s post and saw that the box was already live, I thought ‘oh it’s got to be sold out by now’ (the last time I had the release date marked in my diary and everything). But no, thankfully still lots there. However, do act fast, I wouldn’t trust stocks to stick around for long!

To see the full, impressive list of the 15 products worth over £100 (the price of the box is £19.95 including postage by the way) please head on over to the BritishBeautyBlogger post over here. Even better yet, watch her Youtube video detailing the contents here, there’s a lot more detail in the video and it’s great seeing the products being handled (I always feel I get more of an idea of them that way?) so can’t recommend watching it enough!

I must admit, I still have a few beauty products from the last box that I’m still hoarding away, I need to make myself use things sometimes. That would be my top tip for those who’ve bought this box – just use it! After all, those products are worth nothing if you simply squirrel it away. I also found that for the few products I knew I’d never use (eg. hand cream, body cream) I just packaged them up again and gave them away as little gifts during birthdays or special occasions and people have always been delighted to receive them! I’m sure you’ll find a million and one uses for the products in the BBB Dream Box =)

I wanted to write a bit about the products I’m most excited about in BBB Dream Box but the list became too long (lol), so I’ll talk more about the products when I actually get my box =)


ps: I’m usually a really spendthrift-y, frugal, parsimonious (etc other synonyms etc) person, but I think I’ve been on a bit of a spree lately? Might be time pull the reins in and stick to that wishlist of mine, without digressions, for awhile!

What products in the BBB Dream Box would you most want to try?

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7 thoughts on “Dream Beauty Box – BBB Beauty Box 3

  1. I’ve ordered mine earlier yay so excited, watched Jane’s video and really love the selection of products 🙂 Same as you I have a long list of things to blog and film but not enough time! I’ve been really ill lately on antibiotics at the moment 😦

    Anyway, I hope you are well xx

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