Free Perfume – Ghost Eclipse Sample

Happy Sunday!

Sundays are always busy for me, what with church and our church being really tiny all of us are almost always doing something (ie. ushering, setting up, childcare etc) every other week just to keep the service ticking along. It’s nice in a way, like a large but still cosy family gathering, how I imagine it to be when the church was first set up and before too much rite and ritual was instilled into it? Today’s extra-busy as I’m also drumming so will be there from 9 in the morning till past 5pm I expect, hurrah (lol). But in any case, here’s a freebie fragrance sample that’s all about darkness becoming light (how biblical) – a free sample of the new Ghost Eclipse perfume by Ghost Fragrance.

Definitely a very pretty bottle! Ghost Eclipse, exclusive to Superdrug and the perfume shop, sounds a little confusing at first and to be honest I can’t quite imagine how it’ll smell like! Most perfumes are either girly/flirty/light or they’re womanly/sensual/heavy, if you know what I mean? A good example would be Britney Spear’s Naughty and Nice remixes of her Fantasy fragrance. But Ghost Eclipse seems to be claiming to be both at one and the same time, hence the name ‘Eclipse’ since an eclipse features the fusion of light and dark; hmmm, fascinating.

If you’re familiar with the Deep Night fragrance, apparently Eclipse joins this but adds a dynamic freshness to it. Top notes are all fruity/tangy – bergamot, peach, apple, mandarin, lemon, blackcurrant buds and marigold. Heart notes are freesia, rose , lotus and blonde woods (huh?!). Base notes are musk and amber crystals. No idea what blonde woods or amber crystals smell like but I hardly see musk combined with something that has mandarin and lemon!

You can explore more about the fragrance yourself on their highly interactive website here and also click on the ‘Request Sample’ tab of the website to get your own sample of the Ghost Eclipse.

I’d say definitely, definitely get yourself a sample, if only to see how on earth this fragrance manages to be everything it claims to be! I’m curious for sure, can’t wait to try it out myself.

And with that, happy Sunday again!



Have you tried any fragrances from Ghost before?

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