H&M 50% Off Flash Sale

Hey Lovelies!

So, it’s that time again, time for H&M to do another one of their online flash sales. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve only signed up for their newsletter in the last few months but I feel that I’m getting wind of these a lot more recently? Anyway, it’s a pretty good 50% off flash sale on selected items and it’s for one day only, so have a browse now-now if you think you’ll want something!

I’ve included my top picks from the sale 😉 I always feel conflicted about sales-picks posts. On the one hand, it’s seriously fun, like window-shopping with friends type of fun. It also kind of fulfils a certain urge to shop without spending (haha) but I hate the thought of being an enabler! So please don’t feel pressured to buy, same disclaimer as always, don’t buy if you don’t have to!  Better yet, you should all go do your own sales picks post and link me to them 😉 I would love to see what your picks are!

On that note, would you rather regret not buying something or regret buying something? Hmm, I think it’s the former for me! Okay, here’re my picks from the sale (which you can browse here!).

The Little Black Dress

hm black lace dress

I’m sure we can all agree that an LBD is a wardrobe must-have/staple! If you don’t have one, now’s the chance to bag a classy-looking yet slinky one here for a bargain at £8.99 (down from £12.99 so this isn’t exactly 50% but it’s close).

The Blazer

I’ve always included a blazer in my H&M sales picks, just because they’re equal parts versatile and completely essential for anyone’s wardrobe, whether you’re a working woman or not (it adds smart-ness to an outfit and you’ll need it at an interview some day, right?!). This is £14.99 down from £29.99 and there’s also a black version available here but to shake things up a bit I thought why not go for the eye-catching and classy cream version?

The Festival Piece


Here’s a cardigan that’s completely not something I’d wear but doesn’t it seem to shout ‘casual festival chic’ to you?? Everything seems to be about the denim, bright colours, hippy-type accessories when it comes to the height of summer and close to festival season. It’s great how this cardigan for £14.99 down from £29.99 can be thrown over a really basic outfit to jazz it up.

The Denim Shorts

While we’re talking festival fashion here, let’s not forget the basics – a pair of denim shorts! The string-type belt is a nice bonus too. These are £8.99 down from £14.99.

The Ballet Pumps

H&M Ayakkabı

While we’re talking summer essentials, let’s not forget the essential summer footwear – ballet pumps! These are just £5.49 and my favourite pick of the sale partly because there’s such a variety of colours on offer – from the staple black and brown (light and dark) to pretty powder pink and an exciting flora. Check them out here. I love the white ones but they don’t have my size in white >_< it’s a sign…

There’s a couple other items that caught my eye but I felt that 5 picks were more than enough, I didn’t want to end up featuring almost every other item in the same! If you’re interested though, you can find a lovely light summer cardigan here and long jumpers for just £4.99 here, I think these jumpers have been in every flash sale from H&M since the end of last year?? They looking amazingly versatile though, so have a browse for colours you might like.

Happy browsing!



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