Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Comme Des Garcons Perfume

Hi Everyone!

So here’s a very quick one for Sunday =) Some time back I posted about getting a free sample of Comme Des Garcons’ (or CDG for short) perfume Blue Encens (see here). I remember writing that it was a very quirky scent with cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon, intriguing, no?

Well, since then I actually received my freebie sample. It came pretty quickly in the mail and in the little square packet (like below) that contained a small spritzer of perfume!

For some unknown reason, I loved it straight away (haha). Not just the scent (which is really a personal personal preference!) but for some reason the packaging? Normally it’s the sachets that come in packets and those don’t last any time at all. I love free sample spritz bottles but those tend to break or leak easily. Just love that it’s a bottle in a packet!

Anyway, they’re back, this time you can get a freebie sample of their AmazingGreen, which I think is a play on Amazon. This scent has Palm tree leaves, Green pepper, Hazelnut. Ivy leaves, Orris roots, Coriander seeds, Silex.
Gunpowder accord, Vetiver, Smoke, White Musk. Eeep, a long list! But again, pretty mind boggling yet very apt for summer holidays, isn’t it? Worth a try anyway 😉

Click here for their AmazingGreen sample.

Or, if you want to go crazy, just go directly to their Request Perfumes page (which I only recently discovered) where there’s links to request Blue Encens, AmazingGreen, Blue Cedrat, Blue Santal, Wonderwood and CDG 2! A funny little part of me is going crazy with happiness imagining collecting all the little packets in one place… does anyone else get like that?

I’m liking the sound of Blue Cedrat…



ps: for those still interested in the Kiko Milano sale, remember today’s the last day! Check out my sale post here for more details.

What did you think of their Blue Encens?

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