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Right, I hate to be an enabler so here’s a heads-up before you read this post: don’t let a sale or offer sucker you into buying anything you didn’t want to buy in the first place! So, if you’re the type to easily get tempted by sales/offers, maybe first read my post on How to Shop Sales Smart and write up your own wishlist before you start browsing the sales 😉 Right, now that that’s out of the way, I’m here to flag up an amazing sale offer on Kiko Milano’s online store, with 20% discount codes until May 11th!


There’re 3 voucher codes available that will give you 20% off either make-up, skincare or accessories (by accessories they don’t mean jewellery, they mean things like make-up brushes, brush cleansers, brush holders, etc.etc.). That’s pretty amazing because that means, if you shop smart, you’ll basically get 20% off your entire purchase!

The last time Kiko did a deal like this was back in February for a Valentine’s Day offer and I just missed it >_< since then I’ve been sort of holding off on all kinds of Kiko purchases just waiting for the discount to roll around again. Now it has, hurrah!

I actually debated whether to take the offer or wait for the summer sales (which are bound to hit soon) but a lot of the products I’m eyeing are non-seasonal dependant (ie. things like a make-up fixer spray) so are unlikely to be reduced by much in a sale and also, I want them for work (haha) so sooner is better than later really.

If you’ve not heard of Kiko Milano before, they’re a pretty famous European brand that opened at Westfields in London a year or so ago and on Regent’s Street a few months ago (the Regent’s Street store is amazingly huge, don’t be fooled by the shop front, there’s a downstairs portion! I popped into it in January and did a quick review of the Kiko Regents Street store.

They’re famous for producing high-quality make-up that’s on par with more expensive brands. I guess this isn’t ‘news’ these days what with the MUA cosmetics (though some of their products are hit and miss) and also the latest budget make-up range Makeup Revolution (check out the BritishBeautyBlogger’s awesome review/post on Makeup Revolution here). However, I think one way that Kiko stands out from the other budget brands is the sheer volume of colour (and Kiko is slightly more expensive than MUA and Makeup Revolution by the way, I’d say they’re mid-range).

Kiko has an impressive range of colours whether it’s in their lip products, eye shadows, eye liners or even coloured mascaras! Budget brands are branching out into it but it’s costly to maintain colour/pigmentation/quality, I guess it’s because ‘normal’ colours sell better? So kudos to Kiko for providing such impressive range!

Another thing they’re good for is providing what I’d term ‘professional-ish’ products, things you don’t really need but would be very handy to have if you’re trying your hand at make-up for performers/artistes. Things I’m looking at are their Invisible PowderMake Up Fixer and Brush Cleanser.

Make-up aside, they also do some good quality skincare for not-so-pricey prices. I’ve heard a lot about their Skin Trainer serum (although at £22, even with 20% I think I’ll pass because I just don’t need a serum that badly at the moment) and also their beauty masks, they do a good selection for just £5.90 each RRP.

Right, enough gushing about Kiko. The quality is there. Basically, have a look at your wishlist and then browse Kiko, this sale is for you if it ticks off a wishlist item and you wouldn’t be able to get it for cheaper (with the same quality) anywhere else – simples!

Personally, besides the products I mentioned above, I’m also eyeing their Nail Lacquers (they’re listed as £2.50 but if you click around the colours some are £1.50 and there’s even one for 50p, but it’s an ugly shade of green…), Oriental Eyeliner (it’s just £1! You can use this with any eye-liner brush), Automatic Precision Eyeliner and Kohl (in Ink Blue and Sky Blue), PH Lip Enhancer (read the description on the Kiko site, it sounds a bit magical to me). And I’m also intrigued (ie. on the fence!) by their Ultra Colour Mascara (in plum) and the 30 Days Extension – Night Treatment Booster (would that really work?! Because I have terribly stubby eyelashes).

It’s not for me, but they also have a gel highlighter going for £1 (the Exotic Highlighter) and a Nail Art Magnet for 50. Check out the outlet section!

The three discount codes are:


Pretty self-explanatory which code applies to which products!

You can only apply one code per transaction, so an easy way around this if you want makeup and skincare products is to separate your transactions into 2 lots and apply the relevant code each time. BUT the minimum final amount has to be at least £25.00 for the Kiko online store, so that means you’d need to spend at least £50.00 if you’re going to do separate transactions (urgh!). Maybe club together with friends?

Personally, there’s far more makeup items I need/want and I know I can wait on the skincare, so I’m just getting the makeup code! By the way, if you spend over £49.00 in one go you also get free delivery! Delivery costs £4.50 so if your basket is at around £45.00 or so, just pop in one more item =P since you’re basically getting the item ‘free’ rather than pay for delivery.

More on the sale at the Kiko website here.

Right that’s all from me, happy shopping and share your hauls with me! =D



What Kiko products have you tried?

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