Free Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream

Happy TGIF Lovelies!

Friday is a great day, isn’t it? Well, I’ve a treat for you this Friday that you really shouldn’t miss out on because it’s a chance to get you and a friend a free sample of the Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream =) Thanks to Nivea for dropping this freebie alert in my inbox with the Nivea newsletter!

Receive a Nivea Gift

If you haven’t heard of Nivea Soft, it’s one of Nivea’s best-selling products and it’s a gentle yet effective moisturiser that works for the face, hands and also body. I love this freebie, by the way, because it’s my favourite type of freebie: no purchase necessary, no collection necessary, just fill in a form and get a 25ml of Nivea Soft posted right to your door (I’m lazy like that).

The active ingredients in Nivea Soft are Jojoba oil and also Vitamin E, in combination they’re meant to nourish and protect the skin respectively. Online reviews are raving about how light this moisturiser is, so it’s perfect for an under-makeup moisturiser or for those of you with either oil/combination skin or very sensitive skin as apparently it’s not only light and fast absorbing, it’s also very ‘soft’ and non-reactive. The only negative points I’ve heard are those who hate the scent, which is really to each their own (it’s a floral-ish scent fyi). The plus side is that apparently it leaves skin soft like never before…

I’ve even read of some people using it as a makeup removing cleanser?! I guess it’s like how Pond’s Cold Cream can be used as a creamy cleanser, not that I’ve ever tried that myself but am intrigued… I double-cleanse anyway but in that case I’d definitely be double-cleansing out of worry that half my makeup is still on my face! Haha…

Anyway, very simple freebie =) You just need to sign up to the Nivea newsletter and also fill in a short form.

Just fill in your details here and then nominate a friend (they have to be a female friend, or I guess they can just say they’re a female friend…?) by popping in their email address. Your friend will receive an email from Nivea asking to confirm their sign-up to the Nivea Newsletter and they’ll need to fill their own address details on another form.

The freebie is a 25ml sample of the Nivea Soft. Quite small, seeing as how the actual product retails at 200ml or even 300ml, but it sounds ideal for a travel-sized moisturiser for those of you planning trips over the summer! Come to think of it, it also sounds like an ideal summer moisturiser – light, fast absorbing and soft!

You need to sign up by Monday the 12th of May 2pm, so act fast. Expect the samples to arrive within 28 days =)

I’m excited to try mine now!

Hope you love it!



What Nivea products have you used before?

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